Spotify breaks 100 million paid subscribers, holding lead over Apple Music



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    1983 said:
    50 million payed subscribers on Apple Music, hasn’t that number been stagnant for ages now? No updates from Apple in that department, which may indicate payed subscriptions to the service have all but stopped. I don’t think Apple or Spotify are making any money from this. Great for users, not so great to good for artists I suppose and a loss maker for the actual companies that provide the service! Is this sustainable? If it ain’t the music industry is ultimately going to collapse, no? Then what, no money for anybody! Artists will only profit from live tours. Which from what I understand is where the majority of the earnings for these guys comes from nowadays anyway. Not so great for a non-concert going music lover, if these streaming services and payed download sites like iTunes are forced to shutter themselves because they’re just all losing money.
    I don't see how iTunes will shutter since they don't give the catalog away for free.

    What Apple needs to do is create a HomePod Mini and HomePod OS. That would help Apple Music.
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