Apple's Powerbeats Pro go up for preorders, delivery dates already slipping past May 10

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Apple's all-wireless Powerbeats Pro earbuds became available for preorder on Friday, but U.S. delivery times have already slipped past the official May 10 launch.

Beats Powerbeats Pro

Expedited deliveries from Apple, costing several dollars extra, are now due to ship between May 13 and 20. Free deliveries add an extra day.

That suggests the company has relatively little stock. Indeed the only available color option is black -- ivory, moss, and navy won't ship until sometime this summer.

The Powerbeats Pro is a successor to the Powerbeats3, and unlike AirPods is explicitly fitness-focused through features like earhooks and a sweatproof enclosure. Other advantages over AirPods include better bass and a 9-hour runtime, supplemented by another 15 hours from its charging case. It does share an H1 wireless chip enabling "Hey Siri" commands and better Bluetooth connections.

Apple is selling the Pro for $249.95. The product is also being sold by retailers like B&H for the same price, though the vendor isn't yet saying if it will have units delivered on May 10.


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    NY1822NY1822 Posts: 621member
    I ordered mine...interesting the "ivory" looks like pure white in all the YouTube hands on videos. But in the Apple commercial they look creamier
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 17,421member
    So as far as I can tell, the charging case isn't wireless.  For real?  
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    thttht Posts: 3,927member
    Waiting on the moss for the spouse. Waiting, waiting, waiting, ...
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    NY1822NY1822 Posts: 621member
    For those who want them shipped faster (as Apple shipping has been pushed to late May-June), Best Buy is still shipping on May 17th
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    uraharaurahara Posts: 521member
    It still has lightning charging port. I am not buying any headphones unless they are USB-C.
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    kiehtankiehtan Posts: 23member
    When they make one with a wireless charging case, then I'll bite.
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    AppleExposedAppleExposed Posts: 1,805unconfirmed, member
    Sold out so soon?

    Where are the trolls who claimed Beats didn't help Apples wearables category?.....
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