Musician Jimmy Destri about iTunes, Spotify, Facebook, and Steve Jobs, on the AppleInsider...

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This week on the AppleInsider Podcast, William is off, and Jimmy Destri of the band Blondie joins Victor to talk about iTunes, Facebook's responsibility, Apple News, Apple Car, and Steve Jobs stories.

Jimmy Destri
Jimmy Destri of Blondie, and your host Victor

AppleInsider editor Victor Marks and musician/songwriter/producer Jimmy Destri discuss:
  • Jimmy's background and how Blondie was unsuccessful at first
  • How anyone with a laptop can make music
  • iTunes royalties, and how it's been good for artists
  • Spotify needs to work with Apple instead of fighting them
  • Apple, privacy, and Facebook's responsibility to their users (and Apple News)
  • Who would Apple's competitors be in the future?
  • and some Steve Jobs musings, based on things his friend Jimmy Iovine told him.

Victor goes to Moogfest and takes over the WUNC radio studios to interview Jimmy Destri about the music business, and the intersection of digital interfaces with art, and we unexpectedly end up talking about Steve Jobs.

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    christopher126christopher126 Posts: 4,366member
    Really enjoyed the interview! :) What a charming man. :)
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,952member
    Enjoying the episode... but,

    Victor, I think you should pay better attention to the common sense of you guest (re: self-driving car).
    Or, maybe a scientists like this: 
    (especially about 3:43 min in, where he talks about our false assumptions... which I hear ALL the time in the media!)

    edited May 2019
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    vmarksvmarks Posts: 762editor
    Driving is difficult to automate.

    But I do think t's not insurmountable. It's not anytime soon, but we likewise shouldn't think that 'not-soon' equals 'never'. And when it comes, it will come out of the work that Fridman and others like him are doing.

    If we just sit and agree, it's probably less fun.

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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,952member
    vmarks said:
    But I do think t's not insurmountable. It's not anytime soon, but we likewise shouldn't think that 'not-soon' equals 'never'.
    That depends on whether it is actually possible to achieve an acceptable level of analysis/reaction in comparison to a human. If not, time is rather irrelevant.

    Unless there is some breakthrough in terms of AI (which I'd personally bet against), they are working on a data collection / human foresight kind of problem, where they think eventually they will get all the bases covered. I suppose time could be a factor there, but it depends on how big the problem is and how much of it we can cover in a given time. My concern is that I think too many are betting on the former (ie: an AI breakthrough).
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