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Thanks for the idea ...  

About backups and restore, recently, I had to restore my iPad from an iTunes backup made automatically on my computer after having been locked out of my device not remembering a recent password change.

I learned to my great sadness that restoring from a backup is a painful and a tedious endeavour.  And if the senior Apple advisor is correct, there is really no «Apple simple way» here.

I learned that (1) the restore process does not actually restore my purchased apps at all, (2) there is no way of getting them back with one push of a button, (3) I have to manually download them again from the AppStore, (4) and each and everyone, one by one, (5) the complete list of apps displayed to download includes all the apps that I have downloaded over time, (6) even the ones deleted from my device over time, and finally that (7) once downloaded, the apps are not put back in the folder they were in at the backup time.

Gosh ... what a mess !

Is the Apple advisor correct or is there actually a simple way as Apple has always had the genius to think of to help us with problems ?
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