C by GE smart home lineup gains HomeKit support after multiple delays

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GE has finally brought HomeKit support to the C by GE app for iOS, enabling the company's line of smart lights, smart wall switches, and other devices to work with Apple's smart home platform after years of waiting.

The C by GE range of devices consists of a variety of different elements, but while they offered support for other platforms, like the "Made for Google" program, the company has been relatively sloth-like in making the range work with Apple's HomeKit. An update to the C by GE iOS app on Thursday bringing the app to version 5.4.1 includes the brief release note "HomeKit functionality added!"

The update has been a long time coming for the product line. After the bulb line launched in early 2016, it was originally believed HomeKit support would be introduced in summer 2017, while another announcement in January 2018 suggested support was on the way for the first quarter of that year, resulting in another failed deadline.

The most recent pledge for HomeKit support was made in January 2019, with an anticipated availability of the "spring." The added support now means it is possible to control the C by GE device range via the Home app, including through automated scenes, as well as by Siri requests, though it will also be controllable via the official app.

The latest additions to the range revealed in January include the Smart Switch, an in-wall light switch replacement that can be used to control and dim lights, with one option including motion ambient light sensing. Also announced were bulbs in 60-Watt A19 and BR30 varieties, along with basic white and tunable white bulbs, and a color-changing version, and a smart wall plug with a single outlet and physical power button.


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    AlinAlin Posts: 13member
    Does anyone know if you need the bridge in order to work with HomeKit? They say you don’t need one if you have google but I was wondering if the google will act like a hub and use it with Siri ! Thank you 🙏🏻 
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    boxcatcherboxcatcher Posts: 239member
    Stay away from this product line; it's been a wet turd from the beginning. It's taken GE FOUR YEARS to figure out HomeKit -- laughable.
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    mobirdmobird Posts: 628member
    I would like to know if GE has available or will make available the Reveal line of light bulbs in the C smart bulbs product line?
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    iOS_Guy80iOS_Guy80 Posts: 532member
    Started with Phillips Hue, continue to add to the Phillips Hue system, my number one smart home device/lighting ecosystem.
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    ivanhivanh Posts: 591member
    iOS_Guy80 said:
    Started with Phillips Hue, continue to add to the Phillips Hue system, my number one smart home device/lighting ecosystem.
    Philip Hue uses Zigbee protocol (a 2.4GHz personal information network) to control the lightbulbs. At the back end, the Philips Hue cloud talks with Google.The addition of Apple HomeKit and the Apple Home app extends further the complication of dunking among devices, their “rooms” and zones.  Both Google Home and Apple Home lack the ability/ function to save the configuration and once you get into trouble, you have to erase all accounts and settings. 
    Will the C series from GE fix the problem a the cloud level?
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