Moment expands lineup with new gear bags and wallet iPhone cases

in iPhone edited May 2019
Popular mobile lens maker Moment has taken the wraps off their latest product -- bags. A popular request for Moment, the company is introducing the Fanny Sling Pack, the Crossbody Wallet and wallet cases.

Moment bags
Moment bags

Fanny Sling Pack

The first of the new bags is the Fanny Sling Pack. This is an epically comfortable fanny pack that works both on the hip or across the shoulders and is an ideal place to store your iPhone or lens accessories. That's enforced thanks to the microfiber-lined pockets that won't accidentally scratch any of your lenses.

Moment Fanny Sling
Moment Fanny Sling

It is adjustable thanks to seven different adjustment points to fit everyone, and comfortably. Moment also treated the bag with a water repellent coating and used water-resistant zippers so your gear will stay dry when inside.

Moment Fanny Sling
Moment Fanny Sling

Lastly, a set of cargo straps on the bottom let you attach a mini tripod or other gear to the underside. It is available now for $69.99 in Terracotta Canvas, Monochrome Black and Weatherproof Black.


The second new accessory is the Crossbody Wallet. This smaller bag is perfect either cross-body or as a wristlet. It can easily hold larger phones such as the XS Max or a passport.

Moment Crossbody Wallet
Moment Crossbody Wallet"

For those who love quality leather, Moment used American Horween leather for two different leather finishes.

It is available in Weatherproof Black and Terracotta Canvas for $54.99 and Black Leather and Natural Leather for $74.99.

Wallet cases

Moment Wallet Case
Moment Wallet Case

To use any of Moment's lenses, users must use a compatible case. There are several cases on the Moment, but Moment has always made some of the best themselves.

They are now updating their case line with built-in wallets. They once more are turning to quality Horween leather for these wallet-style cases that hold from one to three cards easily on the back of your phone.

There is a built-in lens mount for any of Moment's M-mount lenses including their anamorphic lens, tele lens, wide angle lens, Superfish lens, or macro lens.

The new wallet iPhone cases will set you back $49.99.
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