Apple Music support for Echo & Fire TV in Canada arriving soon, suggests Amazon app

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Apple Music may soon arrive on Amazon's Echo smart speaker range and Fire devices in the near future, after a store listing for the just-launched Echo Show 5 suggested it supported Apple's streaming service ahead of an official announcement from the retailer.

Apple Music wasn't initially available to use on the Echo and Fire product lineup, but it joined the streaming service roster in December for users in the United States. Since then, support has rolled out to the UK and Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand, but it seems Canada may be the next market to gain support.

As part of Amazon's launch of the Echo Show 5 on Wednesday, product listings for the device appeared in the regional stores for the major online retailer. According to iPhone in Canada, the store page for the Echo Show 5 within the iOS app in Canada prominently displays the Apple Music logo alongside other streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music.

The Echo Show 5 product listing in the Amazon app in Canada showing Apple Music [via iPhone in Canada]
The Echo Show 5 product listing in the Amazon app in Canada showing Apple Music [via iPhone in Canada]

It is worth noting the product page for the Echo Show 5 in the browser does not display the Apple Music logo at all. While this could be just a mistake on the mobile app, showing a graphic in a market where it isn't currently available, this could also be taken as an indicator Apple Music support could appear imminently.

The integration of Apple Music allows users to make requests to Alexa to play songs and playlists using Apple Music as the source. Before the addition of support, users had to use either the limited tier of Amazon Music included in the Prime subscription, a paid upgraded version of Amazon Music, or a paid Spotify account to stream music through the smart speakers.


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