Apple's iOS 13 to enable large app downloads over cellular, Apple News+ expansion, more

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In its keynote speech at WWDC on Monday, Apple announced a bevy of features set to launch with iOS 13 later this fall, but a number didn't make the cut for an onstage reveal. Here's a rundown of the most important capabilities that went unmentioned.

As usual, Apple included a list of minor iOS features, updates and modifications in a slide displayed behind vice president of Software Engineering Craig Federighi as he talked about what users can expect in iOS 13.

One of the first things we noticed is what Apple refers to as an "option to download large apps over cellular," which in the first iOS 13 beta allows for seemingly unlimited file sizes. The announcement comes just days after Apple bumped the App Store's cellular download limit to 200MB, up from 150MB, last week.

The upcoming operating system will see Apple News+ make its way to Australia and the UK. The subscription service has been allowing U.S. readers enjoy all-you-can-read news featuring publications such as the Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times for $10 a month since its March debut.

Apple's iOS 13 will also feature a Bluetooth wireless splitter, which will allow users to play the same audio to multiple Bluetooth receivers.

Dual SIM capabilities are going to be expanded in iOS 13, with Apple allowing FaceTime, iMessage and simultaneous phone calls on iPhones running dual SIM cards.

Many of the updates seem to be targeting productivity, communication and privacy. Apple is adding 38 new language keyboards alongside typing predictions for Swedish, Vietnamese, Hindi and other languages. There also seems to be enhanced abilities to mute notifications on specific email threads and even blocking senders from within the Mail app. Privacy continues to be paramount at Apple, with iOS 13 featuring weak password warnings and anti-fingerprinting protections in Safari.

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    I just noticed that iOS 13 won't work on my iPhone 6 (requires 6s or better).  Bummed.
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    lowededwookielowededwookie Posts: 1,064member
    I just noticed that iOS 13 won't work on my iPhone 6 (requires 6s or better).  Bummed.
    Tell me about it. Just when I was about to get an iPad Mini 4 as well. That being said the iPad Mini is going to be of more worth but the more I think about it maybe I need to get a 10.9” iPad and get full iPadOS functionality.
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    UnspoolUnspool Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    The mini 4 will get ipadOS13 even though it has the same A8 chip as the iPhone 6. I think the reason is that the iPad mini4 has 2gb of RAM while the iPhone 6 has just 1gb. That seems to be the cutoff
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    UnspoolUnspool Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    WatchOS6 also requires an iPhone 6s or higher so today was a bad day for the 6 and 6 plus. If you are thinking about getting a 10.5 iPad you can still get the 2nd gen pro version refurb from apple. Plus you can get the keyboard and smart case for half off from or price match in the store. They are clearing these out even though the new versions for the iPad Air is exactly the same just different packaging.
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    robin huberrobin huber Posts: 3,758member
    Speaking of News+, why is it that when I click on some news stories in Today mode, I get a page that asks me to subscribe to the magazine it comes from in order to see it even though that mag is part of my subscription to News+? Shouldn’t one half of the app be aware of the other? It’s really annoying. 
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    libertyforalllibertyforall Posts: 1,416member
    But does it allow full OS updates over cellular  too?
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