Catalyst launches rare waterproof case for Apple's 2018 iPad Pro

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Catalyst on Wednesday announced a new rugged case for Apple's 2018 iPad Pros -- in a rare or possibly solitary example of one that's fully waterproof.

Catalyst iPad Pro case

The Catalyst Waterproof Case sports an IP68 rating, good for immersion down to depths of 6.6 feet. Although a number of rugged cases already exist for iPads, relatively few support 2018 iPad Pros, and the Catalyst may be the first to be waterproof rather than just water-resistant.

The company is also promising milspec 810G drop protection up to heights of 4 feet, and a rubber bumper for both protection and grip.

Catalyst iPad Pro case

Other features include a bundled adjustable stand, four lanyard attachments, and a "hard coated" lens for shooting photos and video underwater. An acoustic membrane is meant to preserve sound from internal speakers while keeping out liquids.

Catalyst is now taking preorders ahead of a July shipping window. The 11-inch model is $149.99, while the 12.9-inch version is $169.99.


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    chasmchasm Posts: 1,531member
    Great idea for those keeping an iPad Pro on a boat, or needing to use it to answer emails while showering. :)
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 18,229member
    The name 'Catalyst' is really getting overused these days.
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    longpathlongpath Posts: 224member
    Having used watertight cases for iPhones dating back to my original 4, I definitely see the value in this, at least until Apple decides to roll out IP67 on iPads, which I continue to hope for.
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