Review: iPod touch is exactly what it needs to be in 2019



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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,959member
    elfig2012 said:
    clear sponsoring!!
    Prove it, or just STFU with that nonsense.
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    McJobs said:
    This design is so old that it has shiny chamfered edges from the 2012 era.
    And...? Why should that be a concern? Classic designs are classic. Unless you’re one of those that expects change for change’s sake in order to alleviate you of your boredom. However, Apple peeps have said many times they don’t play that game. Try a Zune?
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,959member
    I haven’t seen a iPod in the wild for about 4-5 years, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I never see one again.

    With all the “buy one, get one free” deals or “free iPhone with new line” the iPod is irrelevant.

    The only reason Apple bothers is because the margins are through the roof for the old tech...
    Your thinking is really shallow. The iPod Classic was very cheap for Apple to make. Why don’t they sell it for $100 ? The iPod Touch is not ‘old’ tech. Most android phones sold are much slower than the iPod Touch. 
    Apple must sell 100 iPhones for every iPod touch so building this would be an annoyance unless the margins are sky high.  
    And building the iPod Classic even higher, which was his point, which you apparently completely missed. 
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,959member
    Amazing to see the articles on the little old iPod touch getting so many haters, pundits and whiners riled up. “Why didn’t Apple do this!” “But I want that!”

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    dewmedewme Posts: 5,538member
    DAalseth said:
    seankill said:
    Old iPhone 6+ services this purpose. 
    Of course a lot of people don't have one of those handy. The 6+ only had up to 128GB of storage so if you need more space you'd be SOL. And a lot of people want new, with a warranty and such. So while it's fine to say that a 6+ would serve the purpose, in most cases it's not really an option.
    The iPhone 6+ doesn’t support iOS 13. This rules it out as a development test platform. But I do wish that the newest iPod Touch had a form factor closer to the iPhone 6+ because it would be a better gaming platform with the 1080 screen and a larger battery. The comment about the iPod Touch dismal battery life when on WiFi is legitimate. 
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    maxitmaxit Posts: 222member
    seankill said:
    Old iPhone 6+ services this purpose. 
    Nope. Not with that old SoC.
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    maxitmaxit Posts: 222member
    By the way I’m not impressed with this product, at all. The SoC is just ok, considering the device, but a 4” display for a “multimedia device” is ridiculous . I would have opted for a 4.7” at minimum. The lack of Touch ID is a mistake and also the camera could have been better: we don’t need an XS level camera on an iPod, but an iPhone 7 front and rear camera should be a must. As it is, is an overpriced toy.
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    Latko said:
    Stunningly, with lPod Touch, Joni did it again !!
    Pairing the utmost in design and dedication, he completely redesigned iPodTouch into the bezel-less rectangle design with an optimal, modern 5.5” screen size.
    Loosely but courageously playing with its original lines, it took audacity and a firm stance towards lamentation - as sitting on his laurels could have been temptative with the decade old award-winning, classical design statement. 
    However, he resisted that and went into stunning detail: Every individual molecule not only became carefully reassessed but also meticulously redimensioned. Every atom got retrofitted and recommitted towards its inner essence, and evaluated in its main aim: to contribute to the overall concept‘s style and elegance. 

    Except that it didn’t happen: the project got killed by Tim the Clerk who decided the 10 year old design could be milked out further onto the extreme

    Please stop. Your passive-aggressive, troll comments have just shifted gears from "mildly amusing" to "expected taunting". Try finding a different tune once in a while.
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    The lightness/size is perfect for the gym. For me, an iPhone in the gym is too heavy/bulky for a pocket, and I don't want an arm-strap. I'll finally be replacing my Nano, and I'll be gaining bluetooth, etc. but losing FM tuner.
    I hear you...I think I prefer my Apple Watch and AirPods. That's the new "iPod." :)

    If I need a screen I'll use my iPhone, MacBook or iPad.
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