Kanex launches iAdapt USB-C Multiport Docking Station for 2018 iPad Pro

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Adding to the small number of hubs fully taking advantage of USB-C on 2018 iPad Pros, Kanex on Tuesday announced the iAdapt Multiport Docking Station, turning one connection into six.

Kanex iAdapt for iPad Pro

While still providing USB-C with power delivery support, the iAdapt adds USB 3.0, HDMI, and 3.5-millimeter audio connections, Kanex said. Separate slots accept SD and microSD cards.

An unusual aspect of the dock is that it connects via cable -- the dock itself then clips onto the corner of an iPad. Like the HyperDrive, that may make it incompatible with some cases.

Kanex iAdapt

The iAdapt Docking Station is slated to ship July 8. Currently, only B&H is taking preorders at a cost of $99.95.


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    chasmchasm Posts: 1,597member
    The HDMI and audio jack make this terrific for presentations, adding/moving photos, and connecting older peripherals. A nice option for iPad Pro owners.
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