Austin's CapMetro network plans Apple Pay later in July

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CapMetro -- the public transit system for Austin, Texas -- is reportedly adding Apple Pay and Google Pay to its mobile apps later in July.

CapMetro in Austin Texas

The current CapMetro iPhone app does let riders pay for digital tickets, but only by manually entering and saving card data. Via QR codes, those tickets can be scanned on MetroRapid vehicles without having to wait in line at the front.

Some 700 scanners are being added to the entire CapMetro fleet in the near future, KXAN reported. The agency is also introducing new credit-capable vending machines at high-profile stops, starting sometime this spring. It's not yet clear whether those machines will accept Apple Pay.

Also unknown is whether busses and trains will get Apple Pay Express Transit. The technology turns an iPhone into a wireless pass, able to authenticate at kiosks and turnstiles without Face ID, Touch ID, or even waking a device.

Express Transit is already in action in places like New York City and Portland. London may get the option within the next few months.

Austin is home to Apple's second-largest corporate presence in the U.S., mainly geared towards AppleCare and operations. A $1 billion expansion is set to begin construction in 2019, covering 133 acres and employing 5,000 more people by the time it's done.


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    welshdogwelshdog Posts: 1,694member
    Great news!

    Now if only I had a job and could actually use CapMetro to get to that job easily and quickly.
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    JinTechJinTech Posts: 392member
    Now for Clipper to implement this for the San Francisco Bay Area!
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