Nintendo's 'Dr. Mario World' arrives on App Store one day early

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Nintendo's next big mobile game, "Dr. Mario World," has launched for iPhones and iPads a day ahead of schedule.

Dr. Mario World

The Tetris-like puzzle game has players clear viruses with color-coded capsules, the idea being to match three objects of the same color, whether vertically or horizontally. Another difference with Tetris is that capsules are often multi-color, so half-capsules can split off to take out more viruses.

Aside from Mario, players can also use characters like Toad, Peach, and Bowser, paired with assistants like Goombas and Koopa Troopas. Different combinations offer special skills.

While the game has solo play, there's also a two-player Versus mode, and even the solo option lets players send and receive "hearts" for extra stamina.

In keeping with other Nintendo mobile titles the base game is free, but supported by in-app purchases. Here these range in price from $1.99 to $69.99 and go toward "diamonds," used to buy hearts, characters, and stage continues. Characters can also be acquired through non-purchased gold coins.

"Dr. Mario World" runs on any device with iOS 11 or later.

The release is one of a small number based on major Nintendo franchises, including "Super Mario Run" and "Fire Emblem: Heroes."


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    seanismorrisseanismorris Posts: 1,624member
    LOL $69.99 for an in-app purchase.  Talk about profiting from addiction...

    I’ve read some people spending $1000+ on a game, in an attempt to maintain a top ranking.
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    Sad to see Nintendo using this despicable pricing model. Hard pass from me.
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    mbenz1962mbenz1962 Posts: 172member
    This is a great game!  I originally had Dr. Mario for the NES as a kid in the 90's. I played it all the time with my brother (and rarely lost, haha).  I then bought a download of the port for the Wii as an adult and played that with my brother (he got better but I suspect that our age difference of four years had a bigger influence on our games when we were both younger than 10). 
    I signed up for the pre-order and it downloaded itself today (unexcpectedly). I have already beat the first 10 levels; after that you can select your character (if you don't want Mario). There is no need to buy anything in-app, but power-ups and new characters can either be earned in game (also gifted after a certain time period) or, of course, they can be purchased. The actual play and levels up to now (level 10) have been free.  Although, it does seem like there will be a heart system coming into play in later levels or maybe at a later time after launch. It seems to be that you always need a heart to try a level and after they are out they likely regenerate after some time has passed or you can buy more as an in-app purchase.
    I can confirm this is really a great game to play. Nintendo once again shows how talented they can be. I can't wait to visit my brother next month and continue to spank him on this new iOS version in two-player (I'll have to beat level 20 to unlock this mode first though)!
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    AppleExposedAppleExposed Posts: 1,805unconfirmed, member
    Weren't Nintendo games exclusive to iOS for like a month?

    Hopefully someday Apple will acquire.......
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    jbdragonjbdragon Posts: 2,311member
    It doesn't look all that exciting to me. Besides, I generally avoid freemium games. So a BIG PASS on this one. I paid for Mario, but this one, no thanks.
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    Sad to see Nintendo using this despicable pricing model. Hard pass from me.

    That's because Super Mario Run didn't make them the same money as games with IAP.

    Despite the autorun and vertical orientation, the game was very nicely made. My only grouse is that the full game cannot be used under Family Sharing and I have to buy it multiple times for all of us to play.

    That may be an App Store limitation, though.

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