Apple disables Walkie-Talkie app due to iPhone snooping threat



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    bbmnbbmn Posts: 5member
    Tim Apple can we please have a a new iPhone with touch ID and no notch?
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    knowitall said:
    Why not skip the cloud and cellphone networks and make a real walky-talky app?
    So (encrypted) point to communication via its radio chips (transmit and receive); would also be nice to have for an iPhone.
    Might be very useful when out of network range, also handy to find dogs etc.

    This would require another radio in the phone (and so not compatible with existing phones)... as that type of use is not permitted on the cellular bands.

    Also... how is that going to work with dogs? ... I've had all sorts of trouble trying to train dogs to use walkie-talkies... I think the lack of thumbs is having an adverse impact on their ability to press the button. :) 

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    tyler82tyler82 Posts: 1,106member
    Disable it temporarily, inform the customers and release a fix quickly = perfect reaction by Apple here. :smile: 
    True, but I prefer proaction over reaction.
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