Apple's Powerbeats Pro available for preorder in many more countries

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Powerbeats Pro can now be preordered in more countries, including Japan, Spain, Norway, and several others, with an anticipated ship date of late July.

Powerbeats Pro can be preordered in several countries

In May, Powerbeats Pro went on sale in the United States and were released to the United Kingdom, France, and Germany in June. Since then, they have remained in short supply with current backorder times of up to two weeks in most online stores.

Powerbeats Pro can be pre-ordered in Spain, Italy, Sweden, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Finland, Norway, Turkey, Japan, and Singapore. The delivery date is set to be around July 22.

Apple had hoped to release Powerbeats Pro in Spain and Japan in June, though they had missed the date by a couple of weeks.

The PowerBeats Pro feature an H1 chip, giving wearers the ability to instantly pair with their devices, Hey Siri functionality, auto-play and pause functionality, and can detect whether or not they are being worn in one ear or two. Users have the same amount of customization options as they do with AirPods as well.

The Powerbeats Pro are currently available in black. Navy, moss, and ivory colors are set to be released later this summer.

While we think the PowerBeats Pro are a great addition to your audio arsenal, we don't think they'll replace your AirPods any time soon, either.


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