NBCUniversal's challenger to Apple TV+ & Netflix is launching in April 2020



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    Looks like Comcast/NBC isn't going to have to have an ad-free tier? If so, then how generous of them to commit suicide and remove one competitor from the mix anyway. Maybe this will be a free/ad-supported service featuring just old rerun content. In which case, it's more of a competitor for Roku, YouTube and Amazon's IMDB.
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    JWSC said:
    entropys said:
    You must think of this in corporate, MBA weenie terms. Cable services are in decline. Other companies have gone with a steaming service. Your owner is asking what you are doing to deal with declining revenues to justify your six to seven figure salary. 
    So you pay a bunch of dark, back room lads and lasses to build yet another streaming service, and bullshit “it’s a very innovative way” with a straight face. Because to do anything else would be to admit you got nothun. 
    That's exactly what's going on. To be more specific, everyone has realized that the powerful position is to be like Netflix - to control the access to customers and their lovely credit card numbers. As Netflix grows and gains more customers, it gains more power. Eventually it will be in the position to tell the mere content creators that they better jump to its tune or it'll go do deals to get someone else's content.

    There are a few huge brands like Star Wars and Marvel where the brand itself is a draw regardless of the quality or character of the content, but beyond that, content is pretty interchangeable and people will watch this space opera series if they can't watch that one. Or this spy show rather than that one, this romcom rather than that one, etc. Just making content is nothing. Having a database of credit card numbers is everything. So everyone is scrambling to be one of the few controllers of that database and now we are seeing megacorps battle it out. Most will fail.
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