Rumor: iPad Pro with triple-lens camera, iPad with dual-lens shooter to launch in October



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    dougd said:
    I don't care what features they add I'll never buy one 
    You’ll have to be a bit more specific...

    I don’t care so much about cameras and FaceID, but IPad OS looks pretty sweet.  For a guy that doesn’t watch TV, but will watch a movie, read a book, read the news, listen to music, play a game, read emails, do banking, shopping etc. on my iPad... Apple’s IPad is pretty great.

    IPad OS takes the functionality of the device (for many) into “pc replacement” range...

    Apple iPad hardware rumors are just about incremental improvements, at first glance.

    But Apple’s OS has been about stability the last year or two.  Maybe now, we’re starting to get an idea of Apple’s future vision for the device...

    AR has underwhelmed, but maybe these camera (rumor) upgrades will lead to the “next big thing”...
    I agree. Very rarely do I use the camera on the 12.9”’pro. A dual or triple lens has to be for future AR applications. 
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