Ivory, Moss, & Navy Powerbeats Pro on sale from August 22

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Apple will start sales of three new colors of the Beats Powerbeats Pro starting from next week with options of Navy, Ivory, and Moss joining the roster alongside the existing Black in preorder from August 22 via its online store.

First unveiled in April, the Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earphones were sold to consumers in Black, with the three other color options advised to go on sale during the summer. Four months after launch, those three colors will soon be available to purchase by users who want a different shade of audio accessory.

The Ivory, Moss, and Navy options will be available to order from Apple.com from August 22. Shipments of the alternate colors won't be anticipated to arrive with consumers until the following week, on August 30.

While unlike the initial rollout, which slowly staggered the release of the Black model in different markets, the new colors will be available globally, simultaneously across all countries the model is currently sold. Pricing for the color alternatives will be the same as the original, at $249.95.

While similar in style to the Powerbeats 3 line, the Pro range shares functionality with Apple's AirPods, taking advantage of Apple's H1 headphone chip to power "Hey Siri" voice activation as well as enhanced wireless connectivity with a host iPhone, iPad, or Mac. As part of the Beats lineup, it also has tuned drivers for a full, rich sound, while its updated water resistant shell and ear hooks makes them more suitable for use during physical exercise.


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    thttht Posts: 4,029member
    I will wait until the 30th.

    The Jaybird Vista looks really good to me, might have to get that too, but waiting on how pairing devices work with it. It seems we need to have a pair of headphones for every occasion...
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    So, can we expect similar-coloured iPhones next month????
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    jcs2305jcs2305 Posts: 1,216member
    So, can we expect similar-coloured iPhones next month????
    What would make you think that?  Didn't the Beats X launch with these same colors, except maybe the green back in 2017?
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    gordygordy Posts: 1,004member
    I'd like to have a conversation with the Beats team about their color choices. Muted would be an understatement.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,408member
    So, can we expect similar-coloured iPhones next month????
    Beats makes a phone?
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    tyler82tyler82 Posts: 969member
    They should name them trashcan, recycle bin, junk drawer, and landfill, because that’s where Beats garbage ends up after a few months. 
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