Apple's 'By Innovation Only' new iPhone event is on Sept. 10



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    McJobs said:
    Another Apple event that will be ruined by Tim Cook's fake excitement.
    Weeee are sooooo excIIIIted to annownce...
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    taddtadd Posts: 132member
    Can I be innovative and think outside the box without getting sh** on? Ok thanks.

    I'd love to see some surprises:

    4. Airpods 2. (Not Airpods 1.2 that we got earlier.)
    Health features.
    Longer battery life.
    Wireless charging built into Airpods also.
    Find my airpods with pinging.
    Space Gray.

    The ability to do find-my-airpods would depend on the AirPods having a receiver (or transmitter) powered up at least some of the time when the AirPods are idle.  This won't go along with longer battery life.    
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    With iPhone being a mature product, Apple can do something spectacular by selling the XS for $650, with 128GB storage. Even more spectacular, bring back the headphone jack. People would get excited about that. Innovation that would make room for the jack again... And a low price for people who take care of their money, so they can experience Face ID and OLED screens also. 
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    Maybe they'll announce a foldable iPhone, with a stylus, a USB port and a retractable retinal scanner.
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    taddtadd Posts: 132member
    I would like to see a automobile accessory, that fits into the Car-Play world.  It would be a fully functional cellular modem and cellphone, like the Apple Watch, but built into the car.  It would use Bluetooth to talk to the iPhone, much like the Apple Watch does, but unlike Car-Play, it would NOT use the iPhone to make contact with the cell network, it would use its own antenna, mounted on the car, possibly integrated into the GPS antenna.  Now the Car-Play device could have really good range, and wouldn't attempt to use the compromised iPhone sitting in the driver's pocket or located inside the car.  It would always be powered from the car-battery.  

    A key element for this new accessory would be that it would use the personality of the driver's phone, possibly prompting for which of the multiple cellphones it should be emulating, if more than one cellphone is in the car when the trip begins.  

    A major feature of this product is that instead of sending RF into the leg of the human, it would be using an ideally positioned antenna so it could maintain much better contact with the cell network without baking the humans.  It could also be used to send car information to the owner even if the car was sitting in the airport parking lot thousands of miles away, or being used by the teenager etc..   Many new CarPlay features can be envisioned.    
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    kibitzerkibitzer Posts: 1,114member
    avon b7 said:
    That's a daring title on the invite.

    Perhaps the fruity logo will make a return!

    Seriously, putting 'innovation' in there perhaps means there really is some meat in there with the potatoes after all.
    It didn't seem so apparent on the original logo, but the new purple layer at the bottom sure looks like a pair of hind cheeks.
    edited September 2019
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,747member
    wizard69 said:
    I suspect that you guys have missed the hidden message.   It is obvious that Apple is going into the hamburg business.   One can easily see the cheese, lettuce and meat on that bun.  
    No doubt! Well, if they can't innovate, then they have to expand into some new territories. Remember, everyone said they wouldn't just walk in and take over the cell phone industry. I'm sure McD's is quite afraid right now... or, maybe they are like the Palm CEO?

    Unless there is something dramatically new in either health or payments, I am fully expecting a keynote somewhere in the spectrum between ‘meh’ and ‘blah.’
    Well, either they actually have some surprise, in which case maybe we'll be happy and amazed. Or, they got nuttin' and this is just marketing BS, in which case, we know the (well deserved) reaction they'll get.

    entropys said:
    You might be on to something there. Perhaps a small, stainless steel bolus that transmits data on gut condition, core body temp etc to your iPhone?
    edit: and incidentally let’s teh authoritays always know exactly where you are!
    Well, that would at least be some useful health info.
    re: authorities / location - Yeah, and that department at Apple would also be blissfully unaware of the privacy directive, just like the Siri folks. (or, maybe conveniently unaware? they can always write up another apology)
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,747member
    jedwards87 said:
    So you are saying Apple is doomed. Well, that didn't take long.
    Irrelevant doesn't necessarily equal doomed.

    paxman said:
    Can you give an example of something that would constitute 'real' innovation?
    Sure, though it is also possible we can't, as it would be something so new we don't know what it might be yet. But, say they developed a new kind of battery that charged in 60 seconds and lasted all day or more. Or, if they created a laptop/desktop A-series and introduced the first model of that. Those are at least kind of innovative, with the first being a leap in tech, and the latter being a welcomed new jump in fairly big iteration, etc.

    However, in this case, it's probably easier to point to years of disappointing keynotes where innovation was used as a marketing term, but there really wasn't much to speak of (which is why the forums are full of the kind of comments you're complaining about).

    mjtomlin said:
    With their push into video content, I can definitely see Apple releasing a companion hardware device in the form of a “sound bar” and expanding either the AppleTV or HomePod products; AppleTV “Theater” or HomePod “Theater”.
    Not that I think they actually 'get it' but they blew it when they didn't include an audio-in on the HomePod. What person creating a home theatre system is going to want an Apple-only kind of solution where you can't play any other equipment or sources through your audio system?
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,747member
    I think I figured it out... given the rumors of foldable glass and such and the problems with the titanium AppleCard, they most certainly will be replacing it with colored transparent cards that can actually be put in your wallet or in your jeans pocket. Now that is innovation! /s
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    This event is going to be panned by many technology reviewers globally, and it will surely not help sales.
    They decided to go with "By Innovation Only" marquee... It'll be a bust for sure. 
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 1,682member
    jgojcaj said:
    This event is going to be panned by many technology reviewers globally, and it will surely not help sales.
    They decided to go with "By Innovation Only" marquee... It'll be a bust for sure. 
    If what they are releasing is called the "iPhone 11 Pro" then rigthly so in my book. 
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    cgWerkscgWerks Posts: 2,747member
    jgojcaj said:
    This event is going to be panned by many technology reviewers globally, and it will surely not help sales.
    They decided to go with "By Innovation Only" marquee... It'll be a bust for sure. 
    I wonder if the rumored 'Tile' thingy will be announced, and that is what they are referring to?
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