Apple TV+ launches on November 1, for $4.99 per month



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    gatorguy said:

    "...most Apple TV+ series will premiere with three episodes, adding one new episode on a weekly basis. However, some shows will debut with all episodes available in one go. This means Apple will adopt the Netflix binge model for some content and a traditional episodic release schedule for its high-profile star content.

    Users will be able to sign up and watch Apple TV on the web in browsers including Safari, Chrome and Firefox."

    By the way, I really did expect there was going to be that "one more thing". :/

    "One more thing" could have literally been pricing. Everything was so damn cheap!! Shocking!
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    felix01 said:
    eightzero said:
    $5 is tenable. But note the weasel words "starting at." Bet the 4K sub is more. Way more.
    Maybe not, at least for the single (non-family) plan. They’ve got to worry about Disney. 

    Apple ran that disclosed leak ($9.99) up the flagpole and got crucified in the forums. Result, today they announced $4.99/mo.

    Bull***. Apple doesn't care about forum trolls. Never has.

    eightzero said:
    $5 4k included makes me look at this. I might (might) be interested in the "Foundation" series they are making. If if looks good, I might (might) buy.

    I'd consider a new 4k ATV if they'd change the remote. When I first got that remote, I thought I could live with it. I couldn't. Hardly ever use my ATV now. 

    You can program any crappy old-school remote to Apple TV. No excuses.
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    Instead of loading up with lots of content to justify charging more, Apple is offering it’s original programming for an attractive price. At this pricing level, Apple TV + becomes a compliment to whatever else consumers choose to stream rather than a competitor to all that other content. 

    This is is the model that will allow numerous streaming options to comfortably co-exist. Everybody wins in that scenario, even the consumer. 

    It does put Netflix in an awkward spot because it started off trying to be a one-stop solution but long-term, Netflix may have to trim down what it offers and lower subscriptions accordingly. Certainly losing Disney titles etc. might just force Netflix into going that route. If quality original programming is spread out among numerous streaming services, there is a real limit on just how far Netflix can go in sustaining a one-stop strategy.
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