Apple replaces 3D Touch with Haptic Touch on iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro



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    I like the vast majority of things Apple does but 3D touch was always a stupid gimmick, and now it’s gone!

    Do you even know the definition of "gimmick"?
    I know the definition of troll !
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    andrea19860801andrea19860801 Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    Maybe I am the minority here but I really like 3D Touch and I hate the fact that all the actions now are replaced by haptic touch.

    One obvious setback for me is now it takes forever to delete apps or I have to click an extra “rearrange apps” button just to relocate apps or delete apps.

    To me the idea to distinguish these two is genius. 3D Touch is for normal functions such as to pop out widget or to preview a webpage. The best of it was that you don’t need to lift your finger to go to the next step. One example was to preview a webpage by 3D Touch on the link. If you want to visit the page just keep 3D touching it, otherwise just release. Now I just have to long press to wait for the pop up menu and lift up my finger and touch again. All these seem quite redundant to me.

    Long press was solely reserved for moving and deleting apps.

    What frustrates me most is that I have an iPhone with a screen that supports 3D Touch. They should have let people who want it keep it instead of replacing everything. Cuz now it feels like I spend some extra money on an hardware that I can no longer use.

    I find this one of the best features of iOS. Now that it is gone, iOS 13 just reminds me why I disliked Android so much.

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