Apple has very nearly tripled the Apple Arcade game developer count



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    Garbage games for the developers mentioned.

    When they announced Konami I was expecting Metal Gear Solid. When they announced Capcom I expected a big hit like Street Fighter or Resident Evil.

    Seems like the developers are testing the waters with tiny bite sized games that could eventually hurt the platform and they'll blame Apple. Or maybe the platform is aimed at parents wanting to control their 5-12 year old kids with distraction.

    Either way, the lack of variety hurts the platform. Why leave out the 30% of gamers? Money left on the table....

    And don't give me the "it's for the kidz!" crap when parental controls exist.

    nasserae said:
    frantisek said:
    I think Apple is targeting parents heavily and their fear of kids asking for in app purchases or high bill from them. Here you have decent 5 bucks a month and play....
    I don't think it's a coincidence that $4.99 a month = $60 a year, or the typical price of a single console game either.
    Not to mention with console you are paying $60/year for PSN Plus (or Xbox Live) to play online plus few free games a year.

    But PSN and Xbox give you good games to keep. Just one of their free games has deeper story and development than half the Arcade catalog.
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    Apple Arcade is a no brainer to those who love to download new games every week just to find out most games charges around $3 - $50, and if it's free there will be either Pay-to-Win or worse, ads underneath every screen. I don't play game on iPhone but I do on iPad - regularly so count me in as one of the first subscriber.
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