Misaligned storage prices? iPad vs MacBooks

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Looking at cost for going from 32GB to 128GB in the latest iPad, I am wondering what's going on with MacBook storage prices?

  • The price different for the iPad 32GB and iPad 128GB is $100 USD or 1.04 ¢/GB
  • For the MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, going from 128GB to 256GB is $200 USD or 1.56 ¢/GB
  • Finally I can get a 400GB micro SD card (SanDisk 400GB Extreme microSDXC, on Amazon) for $91 USD or 0.23 ¢/GB!

How much of a performance difference are we talking about to warrant what Apple is charging, especially knowing Apple can get bulk discounts? Still feeling that starting at 128GB is too little for a pro laptop.


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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 5,003administrator
    The sandisk is about 200 megabytes per second. As far as we can tell, the iPad/iPhone flash speed is about 1.6 gigabytes per second. The MBA/MBP varies a bit based on parallelization and model, but is about 1.4 to 1.6 gigabytes per second on the low-end and can be as much as 2.8 gigabytes per second.
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