Apple News+ subscription launches in UK and Australia

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Apple News+, Apple's paid subscription offering content from magazines and publications has gone live in two more countries, with users in the United Kingdom and Australia now able to sign up and read from over 150 outlets via their iPhone or iPad.

Arriving six months after the original launch in the United States and Canada, the Apple News subscription is now available in two territories on opposite sides of the planet. The launch in the United Kingdom and Australia adds more content to the Apple News app, making the service more useful to the app's readership.

The subscription costs 9.99 ($12.27) per month in the United Kingdom, and provides stories from over 150 magazines and newspapers. The list of publications includes local outlets The Times and The Sunday Times, Cosmopolitan UK, Elle UK, Esquire UK, FourFourTwo, Empire, Hello!, Cyclist and Grazia.

In Australia, the service costs AU$14.99 ($10.12) per month. For that country, the local publications range from The Australian, the Daily Telegraph, and the Herald Sun, to Australian Women's Health, Elle, Harper's Bazaar Australia, and Australian Geographic.

Both countries also include access to several international newspapers and magazines, such as the Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times, Rolling Stone, and National Geographic.

"Apple recognises the value of our world-class journalism," said Rebekah Brooks, chief executive of News UK. "We believe this partnership benefits both sides, bringing new revenues to News UK as well as an opportunity to reach a wider audience. The Apple News+ subscription service is the next step as we evolve our digital strategy."

The extra publications appear alongside the existing free experience offered by the Apple News app. A free one-month trial of Apple News+ is also offered in the app, with the subscription also supporting Family Sharing with up to six members.


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    BwlmogBwlmog Posts: 11unconfirmed, member
    Certainly worth a try. It includes the Times which is more than the subscription fee on itself and still early days so hopefully more newspapers will come online.
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    FolioFolio Posts: 698member
    Unclear if this enlarges the pool of international media for existing US users. If so, getting more competitive to Swedish app Readly. If UK music mags are now available, I may finally jump.
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    BwlmogBwlmog Posts: 11unconfirmed, member
    Scrap earlier comment. Accidentally cancelled subscription and now if I want to resubscribe I have to pay £9.99 and no longer have the option to enjoy the free trial. 
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    Is the full list of publications available somewhere? Would like to see whether it’s worth investing, but between WSJ and the Times, already seems a no-brainer.
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    anomeanome Posts: 1,533member
    Just had a look. The local press seems to just be News Corp titles, no Fairfax, sorry Channel 9, content, so Rupert's grip on our national media gets stronger.

    I suspect I'll cancel towards the end of the month, if I remember. The only thing that leapt out at me as being any worth was Scientific American, although Guitar Player and Guitar World might be interesting. It's been a long time since I used to buy those just to get the tabs, and reviews of CDs that weren't available locally yet.
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    Anyone know how to turn off all the new+ stories littering my feed? It’s frustrating clicking these to only find the pay wall... Blocking just blocks the particular channel of that story, not Apple News+.
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    lkrupplkrupp Posts: 10,557member
    Anyone know how to turn off all the new+ stories littering my feed? It’s frustrating clicking these to only find the pay wall... Blocking just blocks the particular channel of that story, not Apple News+.
    Not that I know of.
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 2,368member
    $15 bucks a month to give money for nothing to trash Murdoch Australian rags ummm... no thanks. 
    Did Apple forget Steve Jobs predicted their current destructiveness? Why enable bad media?
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    YamYam Posts: 6member
    Been waiting for this to launch in UK for months. Must say I’m very disappointed. Like a sub-par Magzter with a premium price. I subscribe to Apple Music for the same price, which is excellent. I’ll be subscribing to Arcade at half the price, but can’t justify the paucity of content at this price at all. Only one daily newspaper and a few dozen magazines, only a dozen or so of which I can drum up any interest in. I already have an annual sub for two of them, at a quarter of the monthly cost of News+. I had hoped for many more of the dailies, and a good selection of magazines that aren’t available on Magzter. On both fronts it’s an epic fail.
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    kevin keekevin kee Posts: 1,289member
    I would say you should at least give it a try. The free trial is for a month, and if you think you don't like it,  just unsubs. Not a single cent to pay.

    I like National Geo and have been a subscriber for years, paying like A7 per month. News+ include it plus Herald Sun, The Australian, Esquire, Man's Health, Daily Telegraph, Courier Mail, GQ, Reader's Digest, Vogue plus many more (more than 50 actual magazines/papers) for A15 AND shareable up to 6 family members, so I am seriously considering it at the moment.
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    For about six months now, I have been marking "dislike" for every single "royalty" story, without fail - yet every single day, my newsfeed is filled with an endless stream of stories about the "royals"... Every single day I mark "dislike" for stories about various television shows (I don't watch television), yet every single day I see news stories for the same television shows. Then there's the fact that I continue to see a huge amount of American-specific news (which on its own is not too bad), but I see very little local (Australian) news unless I specifically search for it, despite the fact that I am subscribed to at least a half dozen "Australian" topics / channels.

    And there are plenty of other examples I could offer, but I think I've made my point.

    Whilst I would consider myself a heavy user of Apple News, their algorithms (i.e. the methods they use to make things work behind the scenes) have always been absolute garbage and I refuse to pay for something that doesn't even come close to working properly!
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