Hands on with all the changes in iOS 13.2 beta 2 -- AirPods leaks, Siri recordings, emoji,...

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There are quite a few notable changes here in the second beta of iOS 13.2. This includes yet another noise-canceling AirPods leak, new emoji, user interface changes, the ability to opt-in to help Siri, and more. Let's go hands-on with these changes.

Second beta of iOS 13.2
Second beta of iOS 13.2

For a second beta, there are certainly quite a few things to talk about. Starting out, with Siri.

Siri recording opt-in

As Apple promised, new changes are coming for how Apple handles any recordings of Siri. Now once the update is installed, a new screen appears asking users to opt-in to assist in improving Siri.

When a user does so, tiny portions of anonymized Siri conversations are submitted and used to improve the quality of Siri in the future. This is opt-in, and by no means mandatory.

Toggle to help improve Siri in iOS 13.2
Toggle to help improve Siri in iOS 13.2

If a user ever changes their minds, by heading to Settings > Privacy > Analytics & Improvements they can toggle this on or off.

Delete your Siri history in iOS 13.2
Delete your Siri history in iOS 13.2

Additionally, by venturing into Siri & Search users can delete all their history and recordings by tapping on "Siri and Dictation History."


As Apple previewed, many new emoji are coming with this update. Butter, wheelchair, sloth, orangutan, skunk, flamingo, and waffle are new just to name a few.

The new couple emoji picker
The new couple emoji picker

Furthermore, some of the couples that feature more than one person have a new emoji picker that allows users to choose the skin tone for each of the characters independently.

More changes

This new animation in iOS 13.2 will teach users how to change noise cancelation options on the new AirPods. https://t.co/p17iN47Sy4 pic.twitter.com/T7YwaFw5Cv

-- Guilherme Rambo (@_inside)

Gui Rambo has found a new code inclusion that again points to an upcoming noise-canceling version of AirPods. It is a short animation that lets users know how to toggle the noise-canceling feature on or off within Control Center.

We saw an update to the Camera app that now allows users to change frame rates and resolutions directly from within the camera without having to jump into Settings.

Camera controls in iOS 13.2
Camera video controls in iOS 13.2

When in video mode, the frame rate and resolution can be tapped to cycle through available options.

Lastly, from the Home Screen, when invoking an icon's contextual menu via 3D Touch or Haptic Touch, it now allows the deletion of apps right from this menu rather than by entering the edit jiggle mode. "Rearrange Home Screen" also has become "Edit Home Screen."

Any other changes?

If you've spotted anything else reach out on Twitter to @Andrew_OSU and we'll update the article with any further changes.

Make sure to check out everything that changed with the first beta of iOS 13.2 including the first preview of Deep Fusion.


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    Raulxmedina on instaRaulxmedina on insta Posts: 1unconfirmed, member
    No wonder my current AirPods are a going up.. new ones are coming out soon 😂
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    I don’t see the option in camera to change the frame rate. I’ll have to play around more, I guess
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    These are welcome changes.

    I would personally like to be able to swipe down on the home screen to invoke search, type in an app name, and long-press on the app icon to invoke the contextual menu that then would include “delete” and “open containing folder” as options.

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    They fixed the issue where if you’re scrolling and accidentally touch a link, it automatically opened it. Don’t know if anyone else had that problem or not but it was extremely annoying.
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    TerminalTerminal Posts: 2unconfirmed, member
    CarPlay looks different. 
    Maps voice navigation doesn’t appear to be working the entire time 
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