AirPods Pro review: you don't need to be an AirPods power-user to appreciate them



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    I'm blow away by these little headphones.  I'm an owner of both first gen AirPods as well as powerbeats pro.  I've loved AirPods since day one, so easy to use, super light weight I don't feel them in my ears at all and they sound pretty good for such a small package (yes, sacrifice sound quality for convenience, but I can live with that).  Powerbeats pro was a purchase I sincerely regret.  I've never been able to get a good seal with those so sound quality suffers.  They are more challenging to put on and after wearing them for a couple hours ear fatigue sets in.  I've also had significant issues with charging, where i put them in their case but they don't connect and the battery continues to drain.  Constant fighting with them to get a good connection for charging.  This of course happened after the return policy expired.  AirPods pro on the other hand are absolutely amazing.  The super soft silicone tips seal the ear canal so much better than the harder tips of the powerbeats.  The noise cancelation is freekin' amazing.  Sure they aren't as good as my Bose QC II, but come on those are huge and over the ear, of course they're going to be better.  But AirPods pro do a fantastic job for such a small device.  I'm working out on my stair master right now wearing them and I can't hear anything but my music (and it's not very loud).  And I've worn these for several hours and my ears feel fine.  These are definitely my go-to headphones for portability and convenience.  Bass is much better than original AirPods.  Apple hit it out of the park again!
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    AirPods Pro are my first set of AirPods, and I love them. When I first got them, I dearly missed the inline controls from my Beats X and lightning earpods. But controlling volume from my phone isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The in ear design makes them sound way better than regular earpods for sure, but my ears do hurt after wearing the pros for a while. I would often wear my regular earpods for several hours at a time because I could barely tell they were there. This also came in really handy as a VoiceOver user.

    The other thing I love about the AirPods Pro is the always on hey Siri. Yeah I know I could just hold the button on the regular earpods, but just being able to start talking to Siri is just somehow better. It has made me want to learn to make Siri shortcuts. I tried modifying one of the provided ones, but I couldn't get all the steps in order so it didn't work. 
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    I kind of laughed at this video.  First calling it an 'honest review'. Calling the AirPods garbage. Whatever you think, they aren't garbage. Then oohing and aahing over the release of the AirPod Pros so much. He's still seeing them with rose colored glasses I don't see how I can take this video seriously.
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    Is the use of “we” a new journalistic style or trend or something?
    I was wondering the same thing. Who are these other people that he seems to spend all his time with. Work, home, gym, dog walking lol.
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    • Higher price tag and no price decrease on second-gen
    Is not having a price decrease really a con for these? I don't see how the 2nd gen not getting cheaper is a con against the Pro.
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