Apple pulls all customer reviews from online Apple Store



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    badmonkbadmonk Posts: 1,320member
    I have thought the Apple reviews have been so crazy troll like that they were unhelpful for some time.
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    While some reviews are indeed useless it's still a bad move to completely remove them. It rather seems like a bad excuse to conceal the bad quality of their products. Luckily there is the wayback machine which allows everyone to prove the argument - most of them were about hardware problems or very short product lifespans. There were very little to no reviews complaining about price or shipping. I mean everyone who buys Apple products knows about their pricing. Poor engineering and hardware flaws in numerous Apple devices are well documented and well known for a long time now and it really starts to ruin the user experience. And product reviews are one of many sources to address those flaws and gather information about a product of interest. There will always be a number of useless reviews written by people with silly expectations or paid product reviewers but the majority is still helpful.
    orthorim said:

    When I was looking I was just weirded out - most products had 2 or 3 out of 5 stars, absolutely terrible. But most of them are really good products too. So these reviews were all garbage.

    Good riddance.
    So the argument is: my device works so other people whose devices are failing are whiners or are lying? As long as my stuff works all complaints must be wrong. Implausible
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    My wife religiously reads through Amazon reviews on popular products.    She's looking for something with a lot of reviews and she'll read through until she has a general consensus of what the product offers.    We bought out Roboroc S5 based on the reviews.   Hell we even bought cat food and litter based on the reviews and in all cases the product lived up to exactly what that consensus of reviews claimed.  

    There are ways of combatting fake reviews.   You can filter via "verified purchase" and run 3rd party tools like Fakespot. 

    Indeed I find reviews can be vetted and weighed when qualifying information is available.  Date too can play a role given the pressure to ship before firmware and software updates are available - and yet is it a reviewer at fault there ?  Also Staples seems to require disclosure if a product was provided for free in exchange for a review.
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    Not surprising. I went into the Palm Desert California store this week and it was a total zoo.
    If I could write a review it would be really bad.  No one to help you and just a crowded mess.
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