Everything that has been said so far about Apple's 'iPhone SE 2'

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As the year winds down, the rumors about the "iPhone SE 2" are heating up. Let's take a look at the latest rumors about it, and when we may see it finally come to market.

A rumored design of the iPhone SE 2
A rumored design of the "iPhone SE 2"

The original iPhone SE

iPhone SE originally launched back in 2016, adopting the iPhone 5-era design with a 4-inch display and an all-metal body. It unlocked via Touch ID, and the small size made it quite popular for those who found Apple's newest phones far too big.

It was also set up with a 12MP wide-angle lens, a 1.2MP front-facing camera, a 12-hour battery life, and Apple's A9 processor.

Those specs weren't bad at the time, and remain passable today. Luckily, based on recent rumors, the second-generation iPhone SE will remedy some of that.

A new design for the "iPhone SE 2"

Internally, Apple is expected to replace the A9 processor with the much more capable A13 -- the same as found on the new iPhone 11 line. Additionally, 3GB of application RAM is likely to be included.

Ming-Chi Kuo also stated that he believes the new device will feature a design based on the iPhone 8, rather than the iPhone 5. The new design is expected to include a glass back that will allow wireless charging, though that will make the device more fragile compared to the all-metal design.

By taking on the iPhone 8 design, the display will increase to 4.7 inches rather than 4. Those who loved the SE for the minute footprint may balk at this increase.

Otherwise, much of the device will stay the same. It won't adopt Face ID, sticking with Touch ID. Other retained features include an LCD panel instead of OLED, and a 12MP camera.

When is the "iPhone SE 2" going to be released?

The original iPhone SE
The original iPhone SE

The most recent rumors are pegging release for early 2020, specifically Ming-Chi Kuo says by March. Apple released the iPhone SE in that timeframe previously, and has executed two iPad releases in recent years then, so the timeframe predicted seems reasonable.

As far as the name, "iPhone SE 2" is the most common refrain. Some analysts that specialize in supply chain rumors have thrown out "iPhone 9" as a possible moniker.

As far as pricing goes, the iPhone SE was Apple's low-cost iPhone of the day. We expect the same the second time around. Right now, we're expecting the price point for the new phone to be around the same place the iPhone SE started, in the sub-$500 range.

Whether or not you like "iPhone SE 2" as a name depends on what you think the best feature of the iPhone SE was. If the best feature was the price, then you're not bothered. If the small form-factor was vital, then it's an issue.

Time will tell

An updated iPhone SE has been rumored for years -- literally every year since launch -- and Apple has yet to deliver. Based on the bevy of rumors, it seems a new low-end model is likely -- but months away from a possible launch, nothing is guaranteed.


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    Why does Apple need to change the size and chassis of the SE and make it huge size?  No need to upsize it at all!  Another stupid Apple move that will limit it appear.  It is bad enough that Apple leaves out the current camera technology and OLED screen but now they upsize it to overvsize too!  Ugh!  I know people who buy it with current technology of the 11 Pro inside for $500 more then that of the 11 Pro!
    edited December 2019 airnerdjust cruisin
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    One of the attractions of the iPhone 5/SE is the size. That should not change. 
    baconstangairnerdjust cruisinharry wild
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,580member
    Can someone tells me why it is called SE2 when there seems no resemblance to SE ? This one looks more like iPhone 8+1 = 9.
    baconstangairnerdharry wild
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    I’m just frustrated that we never got iPhone SE X...
    edited December 2019 litoloopgatorguywatto_cobra
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    avon b7avon b7 Posts: 5,956member
    The name 'iPhone SE 2' is the perfect placeholder name until we get the official reveal.

    Every rumour about it seems to hit the right notes. From price range, alternative (non-FaceID) biometric, processor etc.

    More importantly, the rumoured release date makes a lot of sense from a lot of perspectives.

    In spite of the 'oldish' look, there are iPhone users who want an affordable phone and, while it would have an impact on the higher specced iPhones, that aspect will help to keep things in check.

    I think this could be a great move. Apple has shunted pricing down on many models, it has added long overdue features, added more models and even made a bigger effort on shell finish. This would be a very welcome addition to the list of changes since late 2017.
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    dewmedewme Posts: 3,935member
    If they do away with the huge chin and forehead on the current SE and go with an all-screen front panel with either embedded Touch ID or Face ID they could keep the overall dimensions the same and gain significant screen real estate without offending the tiny phone crowd. The closest facsimile I have to an SE is an iPod Touch 6 and the screen is way way too tiny for my liking and current visual capabilities.
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    mattinozmattinoz Posts: 1,682member
    I wonder if Apple are planning to have their own 4G+Comms chip ready to go for this. Build one device as iPod Touch / iPhone Pico combo device.
    Sell it as iPod touch with cellular software disabled and sell plans on device that include a license fee contribution. With a more expensive version sold with iPhone branding and unlocked 4G function. eSim only for space and breakdown savings.
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    I'd rather see the 4" screen than the sub $500 price.  If they increase the screen size there is very little product variation other than price and face ID.  Granted the A13 will make it future proof for 5 more years, but I'd love to have one of these guys as a backup device / ipod if it weren't so massive.  
    just cruisin
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    If these rumors are true Apple might have to re-learn that it was the size that made the SE popular, not the cheapness.
    harry wild
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    taddtadd Posts: 132member
    uktechie said:
    I’m just frustrated that we never got iPhone SE X...

    What would be really funny is if apple called it the SE-10     after 20 years of OSX and iphone X and whatnot. 
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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,062member
     AppleInsider said:
    and the small size made it quite popular for those who found Apple's newest phones far too big.

    And the situation hasn't got any better since.

    wood1208 said:
    Can someone tells me why it is called SE2 when there seems no resemblance to SE ? This one looks more like iPhone 8+1 = 9.

    This ^. I've seen that said before and I've said it since. Call it the SE8 until Apple formally announces the iPhone 9.

    avon b7 said:
    The name 'iPhone SE 2' is the perfect placeholder name until we get the official reveal.

    No, it's not at all. SE8 would be much closer to perfect. The phone will be the size and have the appearance of an 8, not an SE, and will have a little more grunt that an 8, and certainly more than an SE.

    I would like to see a proper SE2— an SE with the usual spec bumps approaching current tech, and a better and slightly bigger screen similar to the X and 11 phones.

    Realistically, I don't see that happening because that would probably be a $900 phone. But even at $500, it could still have far more current tech and still be viable for three or four years. My 5S was good for 5.5 at least. I'd gladly sacrifice the wall-to-wall screen to get an SE2 the size of an SE. 

    As Tim has thrown the 'simplified inventory' concept out the window, an SE2 could easily pave the way for an additional tier of a Pro SE SML. Give it the wall-to-wall display, 512G storage, and other bells and whistles to take it to a   $900-$1000 price point. Just keep the SE size.

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    My wish list is too long, I'm afraid.  Is it too much to ask for it to still be robust enough to happily live in my pocket without a case for 4 years and withstand multiple drops and a good waterlogging or two, or to still have square edges so you can set it down standing up or on its side on a smooth surface, (use this + flashlight a surprising amount, like when putting kids clothes away in their room while they are sleeping), or small enough to comfortably still fit in aforementioned pocket?
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    Sound like Apple is going use the chassis of the iPhone 8 and just update the SoC to A13 and up the RAM to 3GB.  Everything stay the same as the 2017 iPhone.  So for $400, you get fast iPhone with 3 year old technology cameras, touch ID, wi-fi 802.11AC and screen.  32GB storage $400, 64GB $500 and 128GB $600!
    edited December 2019
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