Hacker avoids prison for 2017 iCloud blackmail attempt



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    macguimacgui Posts: 2,277member
    "Albayrak wrongly believed he could escape justice after hacking in to two accounts and attempting to blackmail a large multi-national corporation"

    He sort of did. 

    I agree he hasn't been found to be a dangerous or violent criminal, nor sociopath (people like to stupidly bandy that last bit about).

    But this was far too light of a sentence. While prison time would be excessive, some jail time is in order along with actual house arrest, and far more community service, actively supervised, and a lengthy probation.

    For the uninformed, electronic curfew is not necessarily house arrest. It could mean something as deeply impinging his freedom by requiring him to be home outside of school or work, or home by 1000hrs, whatever the court decides. 

    What he got is a near brush with the criminal justice system and a fun story for friends and family, along with 7.5min of fame.

    I hope the miscreant isn't too inconvenienced by the wheels of justice rolling in his general vicinity.

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