Apple chip partner TSMC to start 5nm 'A14' production in mid-2020



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    So, what is the benefit of a 200+mph car if the speed limit is 65?

    Isn't Apple still installing the A10 (from September, 2016) in new products today in 2020?   Don't they work (for 95% of users) just fine?
    Faster CPUs benefit everyone because faster generally means tasks finish in less time saving battery. The way modern SOCs work is they shut off parts of the SOC that are idle. The quicker you get to idle, the better for battery life. So older devices are probably plenty fast for most users but most users would prefer the long battery life of the iPhone 11 over the iPhone 7. 
    I've tried addressing that in the past when people say "the iPhone needs a bigger battery!" when what they really want is more battery life.

    While that statement is absolutely correct, iPhone 11 Pro Max has the longest battery life because Apple has put the biggest battery ever in an iPhone. So, battery capacity also plays a significant role in battery life of the phone and iPhone 11 Pro Max is the classic example of people getting what they wanted from Apple.
    Again, my statement doesn’t preclude the inclusion of a larger battery.
    The point is that it doesn't matter what the absolute most correct terminology is in this case. A bigger battery, all other things not changing too much, will normally mean longer battery life. People speak in general terms too and common sense should tell us what they are getting at.

    We also say 'LCD display' and no one bats an eyelid because it's common usage.

    We also take a 'faster processor' to mean 'more speed' - generally speaking - when we know that doesn't always mean things get done 'faster'.

    Until battery technology itself suffers a radical change, a bigger battery, will probably equate to more battery life anyway, most things being similar, from one iPhone to the next.

    We only have to look a smidgen beyond the wording 'bigger battery' to understand that what is really meant is a 'longer battery life'.

    It is a pretty common way of referring to the point after all. In spite if it being technically incorrect most of the time.
    As usual, you're wrong. Well, you're right it's not about terminology, but I'm not talking about the term being used, I'm talking about perspective. You, as a hater of Apple and lover of Chinese knockoff brands can't possibly understand that so I won't bother explaining it to you.

    So,apparently,  when you're wrong you attempt to demean others.   Does that make you feel better?
    BTW, I have never seen Avon unfairly criticize Apple.  And if, by "Chinese knockoff brands" you mean Huawei, you should know that they are world's leader in telecommunications and it is others who are trying to copy them.  Your propaganda induced hatred of China and all that is Chinese doesn't change reality.
    1) If I'm wrong then show me where I claimed that more battery life cannot include a larger battery.

    2) Your defense of Huawei is reprehensible and it only started after Trump decided to go after China, which pushed you to blindly support the worst coming out of China. Independent sources found evidence against Huawei, not Trump. Trump's focus is on illegally winning an election, yours should be seeing what's going on, not simply doing the opposite of Trump. You gonna show us your favorite TikTok video anytime soon?

    PS: Let's keep in mind that this is the thread that you questioned having faster and more efficient system in Apple devices. I was going to ignore it because others had responding properly over and over again, but GODDAMN!

    GeorgeBMac said:
    So, what is the benefit of a 200+mph car if the speed limit is 65?

    Isn't Apple still installing the A10 (from September, 2016) in new products today in 2020?   Don't they work (for 95% of users) just fine?

    LOL... Before Trump decided to use Huawei as leverage in his Trade War and his Cold War with China there was no problem with Huawei.   And, even today, most of the rest of the world, despite intense pressure from Trump, still have no problem with Huawei or China -- because, when they asked Trump for proof of his allegations all he had was his Twitter feed.

    Trump should not have attacked either Iran or China.   He doing it simply to have fodder for his cult.
    Again, and more blunt, just because there are an atypically high number of incels on this forum who want to be Trump's cock holster, that doesn't mean you should counter as the cock holster for Chinese spies.

    Also again, the US was neither the first nor the only country (or company) to have concerns about Huawei.

    'Concerns' should be supported with 'evidence'. There is none. Any evidence would be a literal kill pill for Huawei.

    Instant death.

    It should be the easiest card to play and so, one has to ask, why hasn't Trump played it?

    A decade of accusations and still nothing.

    That's all you need to understand.

    As for concerns, believe me, the entire world is concerned about the NSA et tal and is acting on it. Concerned because the evidence is out there already. Just ask Merkel.

    And as for this:

    1) If I'm wrong then show me where I claimed that more battery life cannot include a larger battery.

    Well, that was never the point in the first place, was it?

    National Security concerns do not require any public evidence at all, but common sense would acknowledge that any Western Democracy should not employ critical infrastructure sourced from any Authoritarian government, especially from Mainland China, known for its fear of "freedom" cooties from the West, hence the "Great Firewall".

    Here's an example of CCP thinking;

    "Leaders of a delegation of skiers from China wanted a controversial Chinese book at the library in Meråker removed but the library has strongly rejected such a request.

    We have freedom of speech in Norway so that was completely out of the question,” said library manager Anne Marken in Meråker to Adresseavisen.

    More than 40 Chinese cross-country talents with 15 coaches and managers are in Meråker to train for the Beijing Olympics in 2022. The training programme is a collaboration between Norway and China.

    Adresseavisen reports that in recent weeks there have been three incidents concerning Chinese literature at the library in Meråker. Among the books the delegation wanted removed is one about the Falun Gong movement that has been banned in China since 1999.

    “We have had three different inquiries from individuals who have asked us to remove that book. Two to three other books are also mentioned from our  collection. They have said that if any of the Chinese skiers are caught with these books, they are afraid that they would risk being sent to labor camp or prison in China,” Marken told the newspaper.

    “I have said that the books in the library are open to them. We cannot remove the contents of the library because of such requests,” she said.

    Chinese books from Deichman in Oslo have been sent to the library because of the large Chinese delegation in the municipality.

    I hope you realise that Huawei gear has been used worldwide in critical infrastructure for years.

    On top of that Huawei has laid literally thousands of kilometres of undersea communications cabling, has an enormous role in smart solar inverters, aviation division and a very long etc.

    There has not been one single major security problem in all this time.

    The equipment isn't sourced from any government. It is sourced from Huawei!

    Built in China and around the world - just like almost all the communications gear on the planet.

    On the other hand Cisco has a virtually permanent listing of new backdoors being found and some pretty critical bugs!

    I will add that Huawei plans to pump $40 billion into the EU for supplies and is currently carrying out a feasibility study for the possible construction of plants for manufacturing within the EU.

    So, the U.S is going to lose billions in Huawei revenue. The EU and Asia will get that. The upshot is that U.S companies will lose out (massively) and have less influence. Manufacturing will be 'protected' and Taiwan and TSMC are very much part of the plan.

    Huawei's HMS core just rolled out worldwide in preparation for a 'Googleless' future and all my Huawei data never leaves the EU. It is in Ireland.

    I wonder if Trump really thought all this through. His actions are causing severe damage to U.S interests while Huawei has just reported millions more handset sales YoY along with record breaking revenues.



    Looks like not only that Apple isn't late to the party, but the party hasn't taken off yet if Samsung has only sold 6.7 Million and is 54% of the market in 2019.

    5G, overhype...

    The information can now be fleshed out a little more.

    Huawei just announced its 5G handset sales.

    Considering these are sales for just eight weeks and the U.S market is off limits, the numbers are outstanding. 

    They were all flagship devices too.

    In the coming eight weeks we can expect to see announcements for mid-range 5G phones too (from numerous vendors).

    With the exception of Samsung, TSMC is fabbing all current 5G modems as well as others which will come to market very soon.
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