Tim Cook reveals surprise behind the scenes look at 'Little America'

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In a Tweet on Saturday Apple CEO Tim Cook shared a new behind the scenes look at the making of "Little America."

Apple TV+ Little America' is now streaming
Apple TV+ Little America' is now streaming

The new series debuted on Apple TV+ on January 16, and features stories inspired by true events in an anthology format.

When you add up every ambitious dreamer, every daring creator, every impatient striver searching for a better life, you get the story of America. Apple is committed to sharing stories like those in our new series, Little America -- stories that matter. pic.twitter.com/9x2bTEad2v

-- Tim Cook (@tim_cook)

Little America is written and executive produced by Lee Eisenberg, Kumasi Nanjiani, and Emily V. Gordon. The video depicts the executive producers discussing the show and how it came about.

"We wanted these to be human stories," says Nanjiani. "These are not stories with any kind of agenda."

The series was created to represent real stories of immigration to America. "As much as we can, directors are from the same countries of origin as the actors in the episode," Eisenberg said.

AppleInsider reviewed Little America and considered it a decent show with room to grow. Told in eight separate vignettes, this anthology series examines different people's immigration experience through time.

Apple TV+ is $5 per month and can be found across all Apple devices, third party set top boxes, and some smart TVs.


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    Have enjoyed the first three episodes thus far.
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    If there was ever must see tv, this is it.
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    Sounds like a GREAT America to me. 
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    entropysentropys Posts: 4,072member
    Seems so far to be quite similar to something called Australian Story this side of the lake. Except with superior production values.

    Public Television of course.
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    lukeilukei Posts: 378member
    All very good

    However who will pay a monthly subscription for this content?
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    I wish Tim would give more priority to Great New Things in his pipeline (iTV, iGlasses, AppleCar, AirPower2,....) instead of prompting us to another TV program & pair of earphones
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    StrangeDaysStrangeDays Posts: 12,664member
    lukei said:
    All very good

    However who will pay a monthly subscription for this content?
    I would gladly pay the price of a beer (less these days) for this content. 
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    kevin keekevin kee Posts: 1,288member
    lukei said:
    All very good

    However who will pay a monthly subscription for this content?
    It certainly is not the only show on AppleTV+. Although I am still at free subscription because of iPhone 11 Pro, I will gladly pay $5 a month which is less than almost anything these days.
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