Nomad Rugged Case for AirPods Pro is a stylish way to keep your gear safe

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If you're looking for a stylish way to protect your AirPods Pro, look no further -- the Nomad Rugged Case has got your gear covered.

Nomad's Rugged Case for AirPods Pro
Nomad's Rustic Brown and Black AirPods Pro cases in front of Nomad's Active Leather iPhone 11 Pro Max case

The rugged two-piece construction makes it easy to put the case on, and the soft microfiber lining keeps the AirPods Pro looking as pristine as possible.

The case is wrapped in Chicago-sourced Horween leather, the same used in all of Nomad's gear. Over time, it will develop a unique patina that enhances the case's appearance.

Nomad has come up with an original solution for showing off the AirPods Pro charging light -- a polycarbonate light tube. As the case is so thick, cutting a hole for the light would not be sufficient to allow the viewer to see the light from many angles.

To combat this problem, the polycarbonate light pipe allows the LED charging light to be visible from any angle.

Anchor Point
Nomad AirPods Pro Rugged Case

It also features an anchor point, allowing users to slip the end of a lanyard or wrist strap through for added security -- though a lanyard is not included.

For those who are looking to snag their own Rugged AirPods Pro case, they can head over to Nomad's site. The case is available in both rustic brown and black leather and can be purchased for $34.95.


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    Care to do a drop test? Mine drop a lot, sending the buds flying in multiple directions.
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