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I get you guys have to make money, but really disappointed to see you advertise where and how to purchase Samsung devices. I frequent this website pretty much daily for the last 15 years because it’s an apple centric website. If that isn’t gonna be the case in future I won’t be visiting. 


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    Mike WuertheleMike Wuerthele Posts: 6,485administrator
    I'm not sure how you can make the argument that we're not an Apple-centric website, based on the one post about where to buy the S20.

    Even if you just use it as an educational one, on what the other side is doing, there's still informative value. You're not obligated to read every post. 
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    I'd use my old sliderphone before I'd use Android but YMMV.
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    The new video advertising windows that hover in the lower corner of the screen and obscure the website content are extremely annoying. Frankly, any video that automatically plays is a nuisance. I want you guys to make money, but I wish you could do it without degrading the visitor experience too much. 
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