Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera now supports HomeKit Secure Video

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Netatmo has finally added support for Apple's HomeKit Secure Video to its Smart Indoor Camera, bringing compatibility for the smart home platform's video feature to the home security and monitoring hardware.

Released on Tuesday, the free and automatic update for the Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera has started to roll out to users, and will be available to install on all cameras over the next few days.

The addition of HomeKit Secure Video enhances the camera's existing HomeKit functionality, which included being able to ask Siri to open up the camera feed, to include extra features designed specifically for video devices. Using HomeKit Secure Video, it will be possible for users to set their camera to store the live feed on their iCloud account, along with existing options for microSD storage and other online storage alternatives.

Under HomeKit Secure Video, owners of the Smart Indoor Camera will benefit from their videos being stored for ten days automatically on iCloud, sent using end-to-end encryption, without it affecting their storage capacity. Storage after ten days can be done, but will count against the storage limit.

Via the Home app, users will be able to access the timeline and set their recording preferences, such as to set the camera to react differently if the user is home or away, to detect activity only, and whether to stream or to stream and record.

HomeKit Secure Video requires a subscription to the 200GB iCloud plan to function with one camera, with up to five cameras supported on the 2TB iCloud plan. An Apple hub for HomeKit is also required, which can be an iPad running iOS 13.2, an Apple TV, or HomePod.

The Netatmo Smart Indoor Camera is priced at $199.99, with no extra subscription required for streaming or storage of footage.

An update will be available for the Smart Outdoor Camera to add HomeKit Secure Video support later in 2020. The Smart Video Doorbell is also expected to be compatible, but it has yet to be released.


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    tulkastulkas Posts: 3,757member
    The nice part about netatmo has always been that they do not charge a subscription fee. The downside to that means they are a little more upfront because they can’t subsidize the price with recurring monthly fees like the others.

    the also tend to pre-announce products and features far to much ahead of actual availability. Homekit support took a year and secure video took almost 8 months. Still waiting for their doorbell and door/window sensors after over a year.

    but overall solid devices.
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    davgregdavgreg Posts: 1,025member
    Gave up waiting for the Video Doorbell that was promised to be ready before the end of 2019.

    Since being bought out by LeGrand things have slowed considerably.
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    Storage after ten days can be done, but will count against the storage limit.

    What!??? This sounds like an Apple feature and not a vendor feature. So can I get this to work on my existing Logi HomeKit cameras?
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