.mac is relatively cheap... . mac "lite"

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From what I've seen, everyone, even hardcore Mac fans are pissed off about .mac. But, if you break the 100 dollar payment into 12 equal monthly payments it's only about $8.33 a month. Really, If you think about it, for most things we pay up to 20 dollars a month (ya know, netflicks, etc... So, really, .mac is a pretty good deal. Something I would like to see though is some sort of .mac "lite" where you could only get the mac.com email address....20 dollars a year per se. I guess this really isn't "future hardware" whoops...

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    [Okay, before we all get in a tizzy because this isn't 'Future Hardware' let's note that this is his first post.]
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    I don't mind $99/yr for 100MB + .mac services. I've found making homepages from iPhoto to be worth every penny. 2-click homepages are fantastic!

    BUT, why is this in "future hardware" ??

    It seems to me that .Mac is neither hardware nor a 'future' product.
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    Apple sucks and can go to hell for all I care.
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    Ya, I've been waiting for my dam n user name to be looked over. Plus, I didn't mean to put this in this section...this is the only thing I look at here...
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    majormattmajormatt Posts: 1,077member
    Scott_H, why take such effort to write such a thing?

    Well, if you're set on writing something, surely your "Phd" can conjure something with more content?
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    .Mac seems a bit of a waste for services most people will never use. I think it would be well worth the money though if they teamed up with a filtering company like bess, net nanny, cyber sitter or somebody like that. It would go over really well with the school market as well. I would also bet that a heck of a lot more people would pay the $100 fee, specially parents with kids.
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    Belongs in Software...off you go...
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