Apple Music hosts White House Coronavirus public service video

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The brief video discusses the importance of social distancing and how proper precautions can help slow the spread of the virus.

Dr. Fauci explains the importance of social distancing | Image: Apple Music
Dr. Fauci explains the importance of social distancing | Image: Apple Music

The video is being prominently featured in the video carousel in the Browse section of both Apple Music and iTunes. Those who would like to watch the video do not need an active subscription to Apple Music to see it.

The video features three key players from the White House Coronavirus Task Force: NIAID Director Dr. Anthony Fauci, Coronavirus Response Coordinator Dr. Debora Fox, and United States Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams.

The video shows the three talking about how to properly socially distance yourself, which includes keeping at least six feet away from others.

"You may say 'Why six feet apart?'" explains Dr. Fox. "'Cause there's been a lot of scientific evidence with respiratory diseases. That's how far your droplets can go when you sneeze or cough."

It also explains how critical it is for those to avoid unnecessary travel crowded locations, such as movie theaters and concerts, during the coronavirus pandemic.

Apple is helping its customers keep track of the latest events in the coronavirus outbreak, by adding a section to the Apple News app providing special coverage of the global medical emergency.

If you're running out of things to do while you wait out the pandemic, AppleInsider has a collection of free apps and things to do at home.


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    GG1GG1 Posts: 483member
    I believe the Coronavirus Response Coordinator is named Deborah Birx.

    I've watched a few press conferences, and I'm impressed by her clear, thorough answers to the press. She seems like a very good person for this team. She was also on Obama's HIV team.

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    Dr. Birx is amazing and the bright star in all of this --- absolutely fantastic responses and reassurances - clear, concise and scientific with great "bedside" manner. Fauci is good too but tends to ramble and his message gets muddled which can trigger concern and panic among those that are listening. In my opinion of course.
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    coolfactorcoolfactor Posts: 2,184member
    Deborah Birx for President!
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 33,407member
    lkrupp said:
    The economy is being eviscerated by the actions taken by state governments on the recommendations of guys like Fauci. The stock market is down about 35%, millions of jobs are already lost. Positive thinkers expect the economy to recover quickly and nothing could be further from reality. It will take a decade or more for things to return to 'normal'. Millions of jobs will NEVER return because small businesses will be gone for good, bankrupt. Retiree's IRAs will be wiped out. Some predict that unemployment could rise to 20%. Well, in the Great Depression, unemployment peaked at 22% and you know what happened then.

    When it all comes out in the wash, more people will suffer misery and death caused by the economic collapse than the virus will infect or kill. This idea that all will be well in a few weeks or months is poppycock. We will be dealing with these decisions to literally kill the economy for decades to come. We may never recover form this.
    I think in California it’s likely going to be nearer to 30+% unemployment. There are thousands of businesses and probably easily tens of thousands (or more) of people connected to the entertainment biz and entertainment is a non-essential function right now. Will certainly set “Hollywood” back on their heels.
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