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    [quote]Originally posted by SDW2001:


    I was simply informing you of what happened.</strong><hr></blockquote>


    Let's look at that statement again, shall we?

    [quote]Originally posted by SDW2001:

    I joined in February 2000. No offense, but if you had been here as long as Fran and I, you'd know there was a huge outage period (what, in 2001 I think?). Everyone lost their post counts and logins, etc. I had about 600-800 posts when it tanked.<hr></blockquote>

    "Simply informing" me would not have made such a supposedly objective statement personal, as you did quite effectively.

    "No offense, but if you had been here as long as Fran and I, you'd know there was a huge outage period."

    What do I have to do with there being a power outage? The power outage occurred separate from my knowledge, so your informing me should be treated that way. Additionally, you play the game here of inclusive vs. exclusive by putting Fran and you in opposition to me (insider vs. outsider). Furthermore, doesn't the inclusion of an "offense disclaimer" signal something peculiar about something? Why would straightforward information in the context of our discussion require one? There's no way I could have reasonably deduced this if you just stated the facts ad rem. So, no, you didn't "simply inform" me, you personally attacked me in your own ways.

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    ast3r3xast3r3x Posts: 5,012member
    Wow its amazing people's fellings get hurt so easiler. More yet that people feel the need to complain to mods. I understand not wanting to be called names and stuff but this is life, learn to deal with it! You were probably the taddle tale that told the teacher when somone called u a retard or something! (notice mods how I have never called anyone a bad name and even in this thread I didn't call this guy anything harsh)

    *Although I certinly implied it!
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 18,012member
    Oh, I see! We are going to make this into a "he said, she said" kind of thing. We are going to go back over months of postings and pull any shred of "evidence" we can find.

    Well, I'm not playing that game. I'll apologize for the comment you quoted. However, notice I didn't directly post your name in there. Nevertheless, it was a little over zelaous. Fair enough. And yes, it was supposed to be humorous.

    The problem comes when there are consistent insults. Had the problem not been ongoing, I wouldn't have sought action. I posted earlier that I have never sought action, depsite previous heated debate. This is because any insults hurled have been isolated. Over the last few weeks, this hasn't been the case.


    [quote]SDW, you don't seem to be doing a very good job at making yourself appear to be a victim. <hr></blockquote>

    That's because it isn't my intent. Let me ask you, what is the point of me painting myself as the victim? What would I have to gain by this? I started this thread after and e-mail to Jonathan to bring the issue to attention. There was no other reason.


    I prefaced the statement with "no offense" because I wanted to make it clear I WASN'T trying to offend you. Plain and simple. Don't try to reverse the meaning. It wasn't supposed to be sarcastic. On the inclusivity thing, I did in fact intend that meaning. You questioned how long I have been here based on my profile:

    [quote]Look what I found in your profile:

    Joined: 11-13-2001. That is hardly "2 1/2 years." Of course I could be wrong since AI Servers go down sometimes. <hr></blockquote>

    I think a little inclusivity vs. exclusivity is warranted, based on your accusatory tone. You weren't here. And yet, you have the balls to question me on this? I don't even even see the motivation to question my claim, unless it is a desperate attempt to 'make a score" on your part.

    We need to put this to an end now. I contacted Jonathan because of repeated insults on my and others' intelligence. He responded to my satisfaction. End of story. I will also do my best to refrain from such attacks, though believe any such behavior on my part is "few and far between".
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    cool...then perhaps we can close this thread and put it behind us...this thread could easily get nasty and i think it has served it's purpose....g
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    sdw2001sdw2001 Posts: 18,012member
    [quote]Originally posted by thegelding:

    <strong>cool...then perhaps we can close this thread and put it behind us...this thread could easily get nasty and i think it has served it's purpose....g</strong><hr></blockquote>

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    drewpropsdrewprops Posts: 2,321member


    What'd I miss?

    A fight?

    Damn. I always miss it when the kiddies fight.

    Darn it all.

    Well, back to the productive post forums....hee hee

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    der kopfder kopf Posts: 2,275member
    [quote] Some of us have been here awhile. Some got here yesterday, so to speak. I'm NOT SUGGESTING those of us who have been here awhile are "better", in ANY way. What I AM SAYING is that I am frequently taken aback at the absolute unmitigated gall of some people that are fairly new here. They register, then within 30 days they are calling people stupid, running around like Mr. Big Shits (TM) starting 10,000 threads on one topic, etc. I mean, it takes one hell of a lot of balls to do those things, calling people names and what not. <hr></blockquote>

    Dearest SDW2001, sweet as you may be, the freshness of your breath as dewdrops in May, the firmness of your figure Renaissance-like, I nonetheless feel offended by your words.
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    Nothing is more entertaining, than a pissing contest between intellectual type people. A whole lot of point/counter-point being thrown around, but no progress being made.

    I cannot honestly understand why people get offended by peoples opinions. Worse yet, is being offended over peoples opinions, on a 17" screen in front of them.

    This reminds me of people who would picket a radio station in Dallas because they found the shows offensive. I say rather than complain, change the channel and put your energy to bigger and better things.

    Just my opinion, most likely overlooked since I only have 20 posts on these boards.
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