Apple's new iPhone SE cases come in leather and silicone

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Apple has released cases for the newly launched iPhone SE, including both leather and silicone options.

Apple releases new iPhone SE cases in leather and silicone
iPhone SE cases in silicone and leather

As expected, Apple has a few new cases for the iPhone SE available for purchase on their website. The current additions include the iPhone SE leather case and the iPhone SE silicone case.

The leather case is the case Apple has had on offer for other iPhone models. It's made out of European leather and features a microfiber lining that will protect the surface of your new iPhone SE. Like most leather cases, these ones will start to develop a patina after only a couple days of use and continue to deepen with further use. It is also wireless charging compatible, so there's no need to take it off. This case is available in Midnight Blue, Black, and (PRODUCT)RED, and is priced at $45.

The other offering is the familiar silicone case. This snug-fitting case boasts a microfiber lining to keep your iPhone SE looking as good as new, with a soft-touch silicone outer shell that is easy to hold on to. It's currently available in White, Pink Sand, and Black, and will run you $35.

The new iPhone SE was announced on April 15, and serves as a low-cost iPhone with a small form-factor.

Pre-orders for the iPhone SE begin on April 17, with shipments starting on April 24. The iPhone SE 2 is priced at $399 for the 64-gigabyte capacity model. Three colors are available, with the phone shipping in black, white, and (PRODUCT)RED.


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    Could you possibly have mentioned “iPhone SE” more in this article that is only about this one model? :D    Guess this is just a copy and pasted ad? 
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