Apple celebrates Earth Day with new App Store stories

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It's Earth Day, and Apple is celebrating by highlighting apps that celebrate and protect our planet, helping you to get back to nature, and give back to the environment.

Beyond Blue
Apple Arcade title Beyond Blue

Apple designed this year's Earth Day app stories to give readers a way to get involved in Earth Day -- especially crucial as COVID-19 and social distancing have postponed many Earth Day celebrations.

Lend a Hand From Home starts by stating, "There's so much we can do, wherever we are." The apps showcased in the story help reduce environmental impact on the planet.


For example, Ecosia is a search engine that invests its ad revenue toward planting trees to reduce carbon dioxide.

And Poshmark and thredUP allow the especially thrifty to buy and sell their gently used clothes to counteract the massive amount of pollution caused by the "fast fashion" industry.

The story titled Reconnect with Nature aims to "bring the wonders of the world to you."

Seek by iNaturalist employs image recognition technology to identify plants, animals, and fungi, encouraging you to learn about the flora and fauna in your own backyard.

The Explorers
The Explorers

The Explorers was created by videographers and photographers hoping to create a visual inventory of every plant on Earth, which provides countless hours of exploration right in the palm of your hand.

Explore the Deep Blue Sea focuses on Beyond Blue, a newly released Apple Arcade title that encourages deep-sea exploration and problem solving. It's a narrative-driven exploration game that takes the player into the depths of our oceans. Interact with the ocean in a personal way using groundbreaking technology to see, hear, and discover the mysteries of the deep.
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