Apple Watch ECG detects heart condition in German woman



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    And it could be that’s why so many conditions go undetected... Because the condition has to show up in the short duration in which that extra equipment is attached.

    So our whole approach of ‘we’ve never done it that way before...’ has been allowing conditions to hide.
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    jcbigears said:
    jcbigears said:
    Makes me furious that we still don’t have this feature active in Australia. There’s no reason for it not to be as once a medical device is FDA approved its a “tick the box” form for it to be approved here by our TGA. 
    Please, don't behave like you're an idiot. Cokacola would gain FDA approval as a cure for cancer if submitted. The bar for FDA clearance is so unbelievably low, all any "submission" has to claim is that a vaguely similar prior tech or medication has already been approved for the FDA to approve the new submission. Australian Health Dept. is doing Australians a great service. Oz may be a member of FiveEyes, but only three members have any brains...the USA ain't one of them.
    I'm in the industry and can testify that, as far as this device is concerned, it's passed a rigorous application process. It also has CE marking which these days is a higher bar. 

    You're an exceptionally ignorant and frightening industry insider. I hope you are confusing FDA and FCC Declarations in the USA?

     The CE Mark is a statement of conformity regarding the physical safety of the item being marketed, and is equivalent to the FCC., i.e., Materials used, fire-hazard, toxicity and such. The CE mark in no way represents acceptance as a medical device recognised to have been subject to numerous statistically valid and peer-reviewed clinical trials for use in clinical observations. In the EU Apple have to state clearly that the AppleWatch is not able to reliably detect cardiac abnormalities, nor can it be used diagnostically. The way to detect cardiac abnormality is via a multi-lead ambulatory analyser a patient wears for 24-48 hrs. One-off hospital tests will not necessarily detect subtle electrical abnormalities.

    The FDA lets any old tat "pass" regulation as it is capitalised by pharma and "Industry Insiders". You really need to watch the documentaries made about the seriously dangerous rubbish frequently FDA approved and imposed on US citizens... Oh, for one... Heard of synthesised oxycodone from Thebaine? An opioid drug first synthesized in Germany in 1916 and considered far too dangerous by German physicians for prolonged patient use is given FDA approval in the 70's (I think); a thoughtful decision which has led to around 1,000,000 US casualties and fatalities. In 1945 US companies stole millions and millions of German chemical patents which have since generated disgustingly unethical profits for US Pharma.
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    I would just like to add that I was extremely pleased to see Apple enter the physical diagnostics field and although I was an early adopter of the AppleWatch 4 I have had two episodes of angina and a further MI. The AppleWatch sadly detected nothing abnormal prior to or during the episodes.

    This biotech will improve greatly over time, but I think Apple made too great a fuss about it at launch. Just how many Apple 4 and 5 watches have been sold and how many detections of heart anomalies have been reported since their launch...? About 6

    Hardly a medical breakthrough, now, is it?
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    I love how you guys eviscerate the trolls on here with facts, insights and thoughtful opinions. Why do they even bother haha. It’s fun to “watch” Thank you!!
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