iPhone SE already seeing strong sales, Android switchers



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    I wonder if this is a lot of business people switching from their throw away business Android phone. I, and many other people I know, have two phones with the second usually being an Android phone provided by the company . I'm kinda the opposite where I prefer the Android ecosystem but enjoy the the iOS one as well and especially the free calling and texting of clients. I have been using an iPhone 7 to fulfill this task but I might be in the market for an SE
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    k2kwk2kw Posts: 2,075member
    I am not at all surprised that this is doing good.  TouchId is still faster than FaceId.   I hope Apple is doing TouchId under the screen with this years iPhone 12 Pro and 12 ProMax.

    I think Apple’s product line is Better now than in the last 6 years because of they have finally ditched the butterfly keyboard and the updated MacPro is finally out.(Joanna Stern for the Pulitzer).   This will greatly help Apple’s quarterlies.
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    4liberty4liberty Posts: 1member
    I am tired of my huge & heavy 8+
    Previous phone was 6s and I miss it

    I am trading in my 8+ along with $161.96 for the SE v2

    Arriving in 2 weeks
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