Apple Stores reopen in Australia

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Apple has reopened all of its operational Apple Stores in Australia, following their closure because of the coronavirus outbreak. Each of the stores has introduced social distancing and temperature checks.

Apple Stores have reopened in Australia (Source: Twitter)
Apple Stores have reopened in Australia (Source: Twitter)

Following its previous announcement, Apple has now reopened its 20 operational Apple Stores in Australia. The sole store that remains closed is the Sydney one, which shut for renovation before the COVID-19 closures.

@MichaelSteeber Temperature checks, lines, and face masks to enter the Apple Store on opening day

-- Moo (@TwoOneOink)

Each of the stores is operating on reduced hours and staff are also deploying non-contact temperature checking of customers. The seating for lessons is also more widely spaced out than usual.


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    chasmchasm Posts: 2,612member
    Seems like a very sensible plan. I hope other countries will allow this once their rate of new cases goes down and stays on a downward trend.
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