What's the difference between Apple TV, Apple TV app, and Apple TV+?



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    elijahg said:

    Apple needs a visionary. I saw a photo of Jobs sitting in a small room at his home using an iMac, he was in deep thought about the hardware and OS as a package. I’ve been using Apple TV since it first came out and I’m often confused with the UI and the names. 
    No you saw a photo of Jobs possibly looking introspective and you projected your feelings on it.  The chances of him being deep in thought about hardware and software were equal to the chances he was trying to squeeze out a fart without anyone noticing.  Nostalgia can be funny like that. Jobs made as many errors as Cook has made.  They both have had successes and failures.  Trying to turn a bad naming scheme into an object lesson on effective management really doesn't make sense.  Jobs brought the company back from the brink.  Under Cook the company went from $100 million plucky outsider to a trillion dollar behemoth.  

    Could Jobs have done the same thing?  IDK and neither do you.  We both do know Cook could do it cuz he did it.
    Not really sure it was Cook, it was the engineers and the designers behind the closed doors at Apple that did it. You can tell he has little to do with it just by his manner, and how he never actually demos anything because he doesn't really have an interest in it. He's an operations guy, and an excellent one at that. But it was well known there was a lot in the pipeline after SJ's death. The Watch was, and probably the Airpods too, and probably an ARM Mac. AppleTV+ is likely something that SJ didn't have a say on, and of course dropping into "SJ would have" territory here and yes I know 2020 Apple is a lot different to 1997 Apple, but he was one for focus; to do a few things but do them well. Apple's obviously much much bigger than in 1997, and not in financial troubles, but SJ liked minimalism, from the UI to the products themselves to the stores to the product lines. Nothing about Apple's product lines is minimal now, AppleTV+ included.
    That's just silly. You don't have to like Tim Cook, but you're claiming that 1) Cook isn't particularly interested in what Apple produces, and 2) every successful new device was probably in the pipeline already and was really Steve Jobs' idea, implemented by engineers and designers as dedicated to Jobs' vision as Cook is disinterested in it. I don't know if I'd use the word projection to describe that, but it is quite a fantastical narrative. 

    Jobs and Cook are very different people who lead in very different ways. Jobs has been gone for almost nine years now. To diminish Cook's accomplishments by speculating that he had little to do with any of the highly successful new products introduced under his watch is an imposition of your preferred narrative over actual facts.

    It's really not very likely that the watch or the AirPods were "in the pipeline" in any meaningful way a decade ago, but you know what was? Tim Cook. That's the one person Jobs trusted to guide Apple into the future. The visionary picked Tim Cook.
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    aderutter said:
    My Samsung Frame TV has the AppleTV app and we could activate the free year of AppleTV+ and likely will before the chance runs out.
    However, we haven’t rushed to try AppleTV+ partly due to lack of content (so it makes sense to delay the start of the free 12 months as long as possible).

    In a broader sense, we mostly use the Netflix app on the TV, sometimes the BBC app.

    Before I bought the current TV I used the AppleTV HD hardware daily, but it’s left redundant now and I can’t think of a reason to buy the new 4k model seeing as the TV has the AppleTV app on it.

    The other UK channel apps are a joke. I would even be prepared to put up with adverts but the app implementation is so bad that it usually crashes or fails to load about 75% of the time. So we have given up on these other apps. 

    I had to explain the differences to my other half last month, so I know it is confusing. The AppleTV offerings are about the worst thing about Apple at the moment, if it’s confusing to people in our house then it must be way beyond the comprehension of many others.

    Took me a bit to figure out where I would use my AppleTV 4k box vs just the app. The app can't stream Dolby Atmos, so if you have a Dolby Atmos-enabled home theater setup, you would connect your AppleTV 4k box to that, and use the app on your non-Atmos enabled TVs.
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    I always refer to the hardware as the "Apple TV box."

    The "Apple TV app" is a program that is part of the box, and is present on other boxes, and on other TV sets. It should be used as a "sherpa" to help you find out which movies/tv shows are on which services, some of which you may already subscribe to.

    Apple TV+ is a paid (but cheap) subscription app you can get free for a year if you buy some Apple hardware, but is an all-original service with shows like The Morning Show, See, Helpsters, Trying, Amazing Stories, and others.

    I fully agree with those who wish that Apple would differentiate these names further, but IME it takes about five minutes to teach someone the differences, especially if you can demonstrate. Something like "Apple Media Search" for the "app" and more simply "TV+" for the subscription service would really help.
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    Apple TV is a mess content wise and software wise. Its good to stream stuff to your TV. I almost never watch TV anymore. More video on YouTube. In video Apple really missed the boat completely.
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