Contact tracing app vetted by Apple found to share data with Foursquare and Google



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    sdbryansdbryan Posts: 351member
    Well now it has just veered into the bizarre. I suppose I should have said well established contact tracing rather than ‘traditional’. Also the example of Hong Kong gives considerable credence to the notion that essentially universal use of face masks is another option that has proven to be remarkably effective (but sadly not an option for us). Also it was reported yesterday that Germany and several other countries have announced they will be incorporating the Apple/Google protocol in their efforts.

    My motivation for speaking up here was in response to comments that appeared to question whether Apple/Google exposure notification would actually deliver without compromising privacy. Response delivered and now it seems to be going off into the weeds so I will get off your lawn.
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    The current number of deaths from COVID-19 in the USA alone is now 426,000. Vaccines are starting to get deployed but at the current rate it looks like 2021 will look a lot like 2020.
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