Hong Kong's Octopus card now supports Apple Pay

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Hong Kong's transit and retail Octopus card now supports integration with Apple Pay.

Credit: OCL
Credit: OCL

Support for the Apple Pay platform arrived in the latest update to the Octopus app, according to blog Ata Distance. That will allow for easy payments and transit transactions for users based in Hong Kong.

Octopus also supports Express Transit on iPhone 11 and iPhone XS series devices, allowing for tap-and-go payments without needing to authenticate.

Although originally rumored to launch in 2019, Octopus Cards Limited (OCL) delayed the launch of Apple Pay support to "later in 2020."

Hong Kong's Octopus card was launched in 1997 primarily to collect fares for the mass transit systems that blanket the area. It has since grown to retail, including most food venues. Other common uses for the cards include gas stations, vending machines, parking meters, and fee payments at public venues.

The card has grown into the second largest contactless smart card payment system in the world, only second to Korea's Upass. According to the card operator, there are more than 33 million cards in circulation -- five times the population of Hong Kong.

Adoption in Hong Kong is nearly universal by the citizenry -- the Octopus card is used by more than 99% of the population older than 16 years of age. The card operator notes that 14 million transactions are handled daily, totaling about HK$180 million ($23 million) per day.


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    svanstromsvanstrom Posts: 702member
    So… Seems like I can't add my Octopus card because my phone is set to the Swedish market?

    Anyone know why?
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    tokyojimutokyojimu Posts: 512member
    Transit cards always show up only for the region you’re set to. But you can change regions, set up the card, and change back. Note that setting up or funding an Octopus Card currently requires a Hong Kong-issued credit/debit card, though you can transfer an existing physical card. 

    You can, however, set up a Japan Suica card with an overseas credit card. 
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