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    gatorguy said:
    jd_in_sb said:
    No mention of Cydia?
    Does Cydia still exist?

    Edit: Gosh. it sure does but is jailbreaking a viable option? Apple has closed most of the holes that would allow it. 
    There was a major exploit that could jailbreak all version of iOS up to 13.4 pretty recently.  It's why I haven't upgraded to 13.5, as there are some very nice tweaks on Cydia.
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    This is why iOS needs a "Pro Mode". Users who want a safe app environment can stick with the Apple moderated App Store while users who do not want any restrictions can switch to pro mode and install any app store they want free of Apple's SDK restrictions. Pro mode users would be responsible for their own security and should expect malware, apps that drain the battery in the back ground and so on (just like on laptop and desktop computers). They would also be able to install anti-malware apps as well as the professional tools they need to get work done. Personally, I would stick with the safe mode on my main iPhone and use pro mode on older devices and my iPad.

    This is about personal choice and personal responsibility. Greater power and greater responsibility for the users that need it. Greater safety for users that don't.
    Arguably, it's the other way around. Apple already provides the "Pro" mode. You essentially want a mode for those who think dreaming up and performing irresponsible "jacka**-like stunts" is the hallmark of a "professional" lifestyle.

    This is true in most fields: the "Pros" are those who accomplish great things by ... using their tools as designed. I know professional carpenters who produce great things, but when I visit and try to use a power tool I'm not familiar with, I get shown the careful procedures for using it in a precise way. Fortunately, Apple has largely made these "careful" procedures hidden away as part of the product.

    If you want to disregard all this, you are more of a "thrill seeker" than a "Pro". Sure, I might love the idea of zooming down the street on a skateboard by wielding a leaf-blower. Who doesn't want to do something "thrilling" and "unique" by re-purposing a couple of other things in ways they weren't intended. But I usually have to admit a couple of things: 1) at my age I can barely get on a skateboard anymore without cracking my knee; and 2) as creative and professional I am, not everything I dream up is either productive or "professional", it's probably just momentarily "fun".

    I tend to be creative, productive and professional when I consistently use a tool as designed to bring about something new and unique. In other words, futzing about with the phone's OS, customizing my wallpaper, and worrying about how many choices I have to do everything I can possibly think of, is not to many of us the sign of professionalism. How "professional" was a Windows user back in the day who had to have the IT dept come and sanitize their hard drive and completely re-install everything every six months?

    I think the iOS platform, as is, has far more potential for a productive and professional outcome of its users than the "open" Android platform -- which is why Apple products seem to be the tool of choice among "creative professionals", and why they are preferred in "professional" environments, and always have been.

    In short, if you want to "do something" with your iPhone that you don't think you can currently do -- don't wish you could half-a** it by hacking it (and then realize the grass wasn't greener), create and develop a new type of app.
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