'The Morning Show' second season being rewritten to incorporate COVID-19

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Production staff for "The Morning Show" are reportedly rewriting the second season to reflect the current global situation during the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis.

Credit: Apple TV+
Credit: Apple TV+

The Cupertino tech giant had already shot two episodes of the Emmy-nominated Apple TV+ original before halting production on the show in March, but actor Mark Duplass said that the show is currently is rewrites.

"I know that they're also rewriting, which is crazy because that's what happened in the first season," Duplass told Deadline.

Duplass, who plays producer Chip Black on "The Morning Show," is referring to the fact that Apple rewrote the first season of its original to reflect the #MeToo movement.

"They had a whole set of scripts and they rewrote everything to include the #MeToo movement, and now we've got other, larger, global phenomenon to deal with. I don't know what they're doing but I know they're rewriting," he added.

On Tuesday, several stars of "The Morning Show," including Jennifer Aniston and Steve Carell, were nominated for Emmy awards alongside Duplass, Martin Short, Billy Crudup and Mimi Leder.

Previously, the Apple TV+ original earned both Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild nominations.

Duplass isn't sure when "The Morning Show" will resume production, but he said he's "really happy that we get to tell a story like this on a big platform like Apple TV+ with some amazing women in leadership roles who get to do it through their lens. It's overdue."


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    kevin keekevin kee Posts: 1,288member
    One of the best shows on TV  streaming. It's good the show get major recognition, everyone involved have done tremendous jobs.
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    harry wildharry wild Posts: 806member
    Ugh!  Do not like it!  
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    MacProMacPro Posts: 19,662member
    I wonder how they will portray the morons that think it's a hoax?  It will be interesting to see given in real life it is a conundrum.
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