Apple updates Apple Store app with new 'For You' tab, iPhone comparisons

in iOS edited July 2020
Apple on Wednesday pushed out an update for its first-party Apple Store app, adding a handy "For You" tab that gathers useful customer information in one place, as well as a new iPhone comparison tool.

The new For You tab lives in the Apple Store app's navigation bar and provides users quick access to recent orders, information about owned devices, services, store reservations and product tips.

As seen in the screenshots above, For You acts as a central hub with personalized information and advice similar to the For You sections in Apple Music and the App Store.

Sitting at the top of the page are suggestions, which on startup asks users to select a nearby Apple Store. The section assumedly offers up recommendations for upcoming events and Today at Apple sessions, but is currently inactive for users living in areas where stores are closed due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Below suggestions is a carousel containing a user's purchased and activated devices. The category offers device details and a link to shop for related accessories and other items on the digital storefront. Recommended accessories are also advertised in a standalone section at the bottom of the For You page.

A Tips section contains a link to the Tips app, which offers "getting started" guides, feature instructions and advice for new users. Finally, the Apple Store app now allows users to compare their current iPhone with a newer model.

The Apple Store app for iOS is a free download from the App Store.
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