Kensington UltraThin Magnetic Privacy Screens released for MacBook Pro, MacBook Air

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Prevent shoulder-surfers and "visual hackers" with the Apple Store-exclusive Kensington magnetic privacy screen for your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro.

Kensington announces MacBook UltraThin Magnetic Privacy Screens

The UltraThin Magnetic privacy screen is a great way to guard against prying eyes, whether in the coffee shop, on the bus or plane, or in the office. It seamlessly attaches to your MacBook's magnetic frame and does not interfere with closing the lid or entering sleep mode.

When attached to a compatible MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, the UltraThin Magnetic Privacy Screen reduces the viewing angle to plus or minus 30 degrees, making it nearly impossible to read the screen without being directly in front of it.

Additionally, Kensington claims that the privacy screen reduces blue light by 22%, diminishes glare, improves clarity, and prevents screen scratches and damage.

Included alongside the privacy screen is an anti-bacterial cleaning cloth and screen holder to protect the privacy screen from scratches when not in use.

There are three sizes available to purchase from Apple's website: A 13-inch screen for the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro that costs $49.95, as well as a 15-inch screen and 16-inch screen for their respective MacBook Pro models, both priced at $59.95.


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    Can I close the laptop with this screen attached or do I have to slip it on every time I whip it out in the airport?
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    This is a killer feature since Apple has warned against attaching anything to the screen before closing it. Being magnetic is a huge plus too.

    "The UltraThin Magnetic Privacy Screen seamlessly attaches to the laptop's magnetic frame, allowing it to close completely and enter sleep mode — no need to remove."

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    How thin is UltraThin? Our Original patened model with camera-shutter is 0.46mm , fully flexible. 

    8/15/2020 again we release a world 1st product. The 1st color changing privacy screen, which enhances colors, of course blue light filter built in, reusable, washable with water and no reflections for all apple products.
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