'Apple Watch Series 6' release won't happen in September, leaker claims

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Despite several other rumors claiming the "Apple Watch Series 6" will launch in September, a prominent Apple leaker claims there will be no Apple Watch announcement this month.

Apple Watch Series 5
Apple Watch Series 5

The leaker known as "Lovetodream" on Twitter says that the next Apple Watch is not launching in September. This is contrary to recent launch windows predicted by another prominent leaker, Jon Prosser.

there is no Watch this month

The simple comment does not dismiss all products predicted to launch soon. The "iPad Air 4" is also expected to launch via press release sometime in September. No other meaningful comments have been made by "Lovetodream" and no other leakers have commented on the new rumor.

Apple usually launches the Apple Watch alongside its iPhone in a September event, but the effects of the coronavirus has pushed this years launch back to October. Apple is expected to launch multiple product lines including the "iPhone 12," "AirPods Studio," and "Apple TV 6."


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    I'll be ready in any case. Time to upgrade from Series 4. LOL. 
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    Apple store in the USA has not had Apple Watch 5 available for some time now.

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    saareksaarek Posts: 1,523member
    Ah sherbet, I was really hoping on announcement next week. Hopefully this guy is wrong.
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    The headline states there won’t be a release until October. The article states there will not be an Apple Watch Series 6 announcement until October. The article points to a tweet that doesn’t mention October at all.

    I’m hoping, “there is no Watch this month” simply means there won’t be an announcement to watch, as in no press conference video we can see, and it will just be in a press release. :wink: 
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    Apple store in the USA has not had Apple Watch 5 available for some time now.

    Some friends of mine who work at my local Apple Store mentioned that they were instructed to send out all of the series 5 watches back to Apple in the past few weeks. They’re also out of iPads as they were instructed to send them to open Apple stores. 

    That should shed a little more light on what’s going to happen. 
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    wood1208wood1208 Posts: 2,913member
    Not a life saving COVID 19 medicine. So, month here or there is no big deal. What matters is what features AWS6(Apple watch series 6) will offer at what price ?
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    I never liked how Apple releases new iPhones and Watches at the same event. I guess it has to do with the holiday season, but if one is in the market for both, that's a heck of a hole in the budget. 

    If Series 5’s are really getting sent back to HQ, I would me skeptical of this rumor, but dreamer has a pretty impeccable record :\
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